BOULDER, CO--(Marketwired - May 10, 2016) - JNBridge, the leading provider of interoperability tools to connect Java and .NET frameworks, today announced it has posted a new R&D lab, "Using the Play Framework to Create Java Web Application on Top of .NET Back-End", on The lab provides a step-by-step tutorial on how developers can avoid interoperability pitfalls when working in Java and .NET frameworks, specifically as it relates to building a web application that uses the Play Framework in the front end and .NET in the back end.

Keeping pace with the many choices of web frameworks is a Herculean task, and more often than not, leads to developer fatigue. So, when developers are charged with updating web applications to an unfamiliar framework, the task can be frustrating and time-consuming. A simpler option is to re-implement only the front end presentation layer, and preserve the familiar code in the back end business logic and data layer. However, this could have its own challenges, as historically, making an application built in Java work with a .NET-based back end has been an exercise in futility. Interoperability tools like JNBridgePro keep frustration and complexities to a minimum. In JNBridge's latest lab, "Using the Play Framework to Create Java Web Application on Top of .NET Back-End", developers are led through the process with sample code and easy-to-understand instructions. They will see first-hand how JNBridgePro works: by generating a set of proxies that expose the classes' APIs and manage the communications between the .NET and Java classes.

"Interoperability between .NET and Java has confounded developers since .NET was introduced in 2001," said Wayne Citrin, cofounder and CTO, JNBridge. "JNBridgePro presents the simplest, most seamless and cost-effective way to solve interoperability challenges, as demonstrated in our latest lab."

To read more about how JNBridgePro helps developers conquer interoperability challenges when creating a web application, please read "Using the Play Framework to Create Java Web Application on Top of .NET Back-End".

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