In 2015 audited consolidated turnover of SIA VIA SMS Group and its subsidiaries was EUR 13.6 million, comparing to audited group report in 2014 it has increased for 18.2%, it has happened due to excellent sales in Poland, Latvia as well as in newly established subsidiary in Spain. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) were EUR 2.9 million, comparing to audited group report of 2014 it has decreased for 6%, net profit as per 31 December 2015 is EUR 1.5 million - it has decreased for 4% comparing to audited group report of 2014. 

EBITDA and net profit of SIA VIA SMS Group has decreased because VIACONTO MINICREDIT S.L. has started its operations in Spain in April, 2015 where initially its operations resulted in loss of EUR 0.7 million, loss of 2015 will be covered from next period profits in Spain. Excluding loss of VIACONTO MINICREDIT S.L., profit of SIA VIA SMS Group for the reporting year 2015 comparing to 2014 has increased for 40%.

Due to excellent sales results in Poland, Latvia as well as in Spain, total net loan portfolio as of 31 December 2015 has reached EUR 10.6 million, comparing to group report of 2014, total net loan portfolio has increased for 32%.

At the end of 2015 operations in Lithuania are stopped, as a result on December 28, 2015 remaining loan portfolio of VIA SMS LT UAB in amount of EUR 125 281 was sold. Decision regarding closing of operations in Lithuania market was made due to legislation changes in consumer lending in Lithuania which came into force in 2013, these changes led to sharp decrease in number of issued loans and its amount.

In March, 2016 SIA VIA SMS Group subsidiary ViaSpar Finans AB has received permission to attrack deposits in Sweeden in amount of SEK 50K from private and legal entities. 


SIA VIA SMS group is the second largest online lender in Eastern Europe, providing loans without collateral to individuals since 2009. It operates under the brand names VIA SMS, VIA CREDIT and VIA CONTO, and offers loans for up to 12 months in Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweeden and Spain. VIA SMS Group has more than 750 000 registered clients and total amount of annually issued loans has reached EUR 55 million.

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