Los Angeles, May 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Every day is Mother’s Day for Dr. Rady Rahban, top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon launching Beauty After Baby, the world’s largest and most comprehensive educational source for women considering a “mommy makeover.” Now, women will have access to an extensive directory of up-to-date medical information and resources, all focused on cosmetic and plastic surgery following pregnancy, childbirth, and/or childrearing. Developed to empower patients through reliable education, Beauty After Baby touts detailed procedure videos, a printable mommy makeover manual, important consultation Q&As, and even a specialized Mommy Makeover Quiz, where women may reveal whether or not they are candidates for a given procedure.

“Up until now, there has been no real authoritative source for women seeking information on a mommy makeover. As a result, patients are attending consultations incredibly undereducated and misinformed, which is why we are seeing more and more ‘botched’ jobs,” said Dr. Rahban. “As a board certified plastic surgeon who super specializes in this particular field, I felt there was an incredible need for more transparent information that would offer women an insider’s view into the entirety of the mommy makeover process, particularly the potential risks involved.”

Often considered the global authority on mommy makeovers, Dr. Rahban specially designed the hub to act as a virtual board certified patient advocate for women seeking procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, labiaplasty, nipple correction, C-section revision, and other common (and not so common) mommy-focused procedures. In addition to containing the largest and one of the most reliable databases of information on mommy makeovers, Beauty After Baby is also incredibly unique in that it provides printable procedure-specific questionnaires, videos, illustrations, and other tools that assist women in asking the right questions come time for their consultations.

“Women have been mislead to believe there is this overarching watchdog protecting them from poor plastic surgery, but unfortunately today the onus of making the right decisions falls on the patient more than ever before. Because of this, it is vitally important patients do their own due diligence when considering any operation, no matter how small,” said Dr. Rahban. “With ‘mommy makeover’ now being a very popular marketing phrase, there is a multitude of ‘information’ surrounding the procedure on the web. The issue is, much of it is misleading, biased, and difficult to discern. My hope is that Beauty After Baby will set a new standard in patient education and preparation that will lead to much fewer poor results, and many more confident, healthy mothers.”

Two years in the making, Beauty After Baby marks the first mommy makeover source of its caliber. And, being home to more than 150 pages of easily understandable and accessible information, it is the only site fully equipped to educate, prepare, and empower women in every aspect of their cosmetic and plastic surgery decisions.

For more information on mommy makeovers, please visit http://www.beautyafterbaby.com/.

About Dr. Rady Rahban

Dr. Rady Rahban is a leading board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California. He specializes in the entire spectrum of aesthetic surgery of the face and body and is the creator of Beauty After Baby, the world’s largest authority on the mommy makeover procedure. Known for his careful discernment, honesty, and directness when consulting with patients, Dr. Rahban provides patients with a highly realistic and transparent set of expectations. He takes a holistic approach, considering all aspects of a patient’s physical, mental, and social state before agreeing to operate on an individual. It is this dedication to patient safety and education, combined with his artistic vision and extensive experience in all aspects of plastic and cosmetic surgery, that have made Dr. Rahban among the most sought-after and respected plastic surgeons in the country. Dr. Rahban has been featured on various television networks, including E! and TLC. 

To schedule a consultation today, please visit http://www.radyrahban.com/.


Matt Rindone, Media Representative