Marketing for Life Scientists -- Best Practices Guide for Marketers

600 Life Scientists Surveyed, Marketing Best Practices Revealed

NEEDHAM, MA--(Marketwired - May 13, 2016) - Insight Pharma Reports, a division of Healthtech Publishing, announces the release of the second edition of the "Marketing for Life Scientists: Best Practices Guide for Marketers." The best practices guide is an informative tool for marketers, providing data from a market survey from over 600 life scientists, which provides data for marketing professionals to use in their day-to-day activities when targeting the life sciences and healthcare communities.

Marketing for Life Scientists: Best Practices Guide for Marketers dives into the questions that marketers need asked (as well as the answers for), and some of those questions include:

• What is the best time of day to email?
• Is telemarketing effective?
• Are my customers & prospects reading direct mail?
• What are the most utilized social media platforms?
• Is print advertising obsolete?
• What technology are life scientists using daily?
• What messages are read more over others?
• Which print publications are my customers & prospects reading?
• How many tradeshows a year are my customers & prospects attending?
• And dozens of other questions

Also within the second edition of the Marketing for Life Scientists: Best Practices Guide for Marketers, you will also find:

• Best practices and tips throughout the guide to add to your marketing strategies
• Expanded data breakdowns by industry
• Side-by-side data comparisons from our 2015 and 2016 surveys

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