Mattersight Issued New Patent for Predictive Video

Newest Personality Software Invention Offers Deep Insights From Video Communications

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - May 17, 2016) - Personality-based SaaS software pioneer Mattersight Corporation (NASDAQ: MATR) has received its first video analytics patent, which combines facial expression analysis with Mattersight's innovative speech analytics tools to predict behavior based on the emotional state and personality style of any person in a video. 

Predictive Video Analytics System & Method, known as Predictive Video, is a first-of-its-kind customer experience solution. With it, brands can now mine the personality data of a single user by analyzing video data publicly available online via social media channels -- data which they can then use to improve the customer experience.

"Voice analysis gives us a deep understanding of personality. By combining the many non-verbal visual cues from the recorded video of an individual with linguistic analysis of the related audio, we can gain even deeper insights into that individual's personality and emotional state," said Mattersight Chief Technology Officer Chris Danson, one of the solution's inventors. "Those insights enable us to make better, more precise predictions about how individuals feel about products and services, and what decisions they're likely to make in the future."

The predictive video invention analyzes a wealth of non-verbal, non-textual visual cues, including eye movement, expressions, gestures and body posture, in order to predict the future actions of customers, voters, job candidates -- nearly anyone who is communicating via video.

The covered invention supports Mattersight's entire suite of Behavioral Analytics applications, which are currently being used by Fortune 50 companies in a variety of industries.

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Mattersight's mission is to help brands have better conversations with their customers. Using a suite of innovative personality-based software applications, Mattersight can analyze and predict customer behavior based on the language exchanged during service and sales interactions. This insight can then facilitate real-time connections between customers and the agents best capable of handling their needs. Mattersight's stack of patented SaaS applications has influenced hundreds of millions of shorter, more satisfying customer interactions. Organizations across the Financial Services, Healthcare, Technology and Telco industries rely on Mattersight to drive customer retention, employee engagement and operating efficiency. An independent research study documents the average return on investment for these organizations is 344%. To learn more about how Mattersight can help your company, please visit

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