Salladore Launched to Streamline Assignment Workflow for Attorneys

Software Includes Features for Attorney Search, Project Assignment, Management, Analytics and More

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - May 19, 2016) - Salladore announces the launch of new software to streamline assignment workflow for attorneys. Salladore helps partners find associates from within their own firm or legal department with specific skills and availability to work on a case. Using Salladore, attorneys can search for specific skills among associates who have available time to work on a project and assign the project instantly. It also allows them to track and manage the project through completion. Built-in analytics offer information on the efficiency of projects and the productivity of the people working on them.

Specifically, Salladore helps attorneys:

  • Check availability - View attorney workloads in real time to see who is busy, who needs work and who has time to meet a deadline.
  • Discover attorneys - Filter by seniority, relevant experience, language skills and more to find the right attorney for an assignment.
  • Assign tasks - Allocate work directly through the system and receive alerts whenever the associate sees a task or has a question.
  • Manage follow-up - Track assigned work, check for deadlines and communicate about the project with other attorneys.

In addition, Salladore offers senior attorneys and managers real-time key performance metrics, allowing them to identify and assess trends and compare individual attorneys and entire offices across a variety of criteria. Salladore tracks whether attorneys hand in assignments on time and how quickly they respond to partner questions, providing objective data for performance reviews. The software compiles up-to-the-minute performance data, flagging problems with individual attorneys or whole offices immediately. Officewide and firmwide data lets managers to observe the effects of strategic decisions as they unfold, allowing them to decide when to commit and when to correct course.

"Salladore was developed to fill a hole I saw in the practice of law, which was efficiently finding the right junior-level attorney to work on a case," says Adam McDonell, founder and president of Salladore, and a former practicing attorney. "In the past, attorneys would find help by asking around the office and maybe sending out a few emails, which is a tremendously inefficient process. Salladore gives these senior-level attorneys hours back in their day that they can spend on billable work."

The software is easy to understand and use, with a familiar interface. User training typically takes less than two hours. Customization for each firm or legal department is handled by Salladore and can be done quickly so that these organizations can be up and running within a month.

Representatives of Salladore will be at the Association of Legal Administrators Annual Conference and Expo in Los Angeles on May 22-25, where they will be demonstrating the software in booth 630.

About Salladore

Salladore was designed by attorneys for attorneys. The software allows attorneys to check availability of other attorneys and find the right resources for a project -- whether the attorneys work down the hall or across the country. The software allows attorneys to find associates with specific skills, gives them instant access to workloads and lets them assign tasks and manage follow-up. Salladore also offers law firm or department managers analytics on efficiency and productivity, giving them data to offer feedback and make informed decisions. Visit for more information.

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