International Comparison of BRAF Testing in Melanoma Abstract Released in Conjunction With ASCO 2016

Significant Disparities in BRAF CDx Adoption Reveals Geographic Challenges With Aligning Therapies and Tests in Personalized Medicine

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - May 20, 2016) - Labceutics (part of the Diaceutics Group) today announced results published in conjunction with the 2016 ASCO Annual Meeting, titled International Comparison of BRAF Testing in Melanoma. The abstract reviews global lab mapping data which reveals the hurdles to test adoption in key markets -- with the US ranking among the slowest markets to provide widespread testing in support of BRAF targeted therapies.

The abstract supports several industry publications that highlight how late planning and underinvestment in companion diagnostic diffusion creates significant misalignment with therapy promotional and educational programs.

"Aligning test availability with the needs of a companion therapy is not a trivial task," said Ryan Keeling, Managing Director of Labceutics. "Despite the fact that more than 50% of all new oncology therapy launches will be biomarker-dependent by 2020, the infrastructure is still not in place to ensure seamless patient stratification. Lack of availability for a CDx is invariably indicative of problems which could have been avoided by earlier planning."

"There is a direct relationship between interactions with leading laboratories and pathologists in advance of novel test launches and the rate at which tests appear on lab order forms," said Jordan Clark, Director, Labceutics Scientific Operations. "While BRAF is the test we focused on in this study, the same is true of many other commonly tested biomarkers. As an ex-laboratory manager, I was always disappointed that my lab was left to figure out how to integrate a novel test and that pharma companies, which had sponsored the same test development, rarely engaged with me." 

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