Ex-SGX CEO Magnus Bocker Joins Kouclo Group – Chinese Enterprise Welcomes Epic Heavyweight Executive from European-American Region

Fujian, CHINA

BEIJING, May 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In April 2016, Magnus Bocker, the ex-chief executive officer (CEO) of Singapore Exchange, officially joined Kouclo Group as the chief strategic officer (CSO) in charge of the capital market and listing businesses. At the same time, the responsibilities include the overall strategic arrangement and resources allocation of Kouclo Group's OOMALL. Magnus Bocker is globally a world-class personage with over 20 years of experience in the securities industry, who has the resources and capabilities to operate in the capital market. His participation will initiate a brand-new stage for Kouclo Group's strategy to build a global business ecosystem. In the meantime, the use of capital strength can accelerate the listing process.

Previously, the participation of Michael Evans, ex-vice chairman of Goldman Sachs, in Alibaba and Hugo Barra, global vice president of Google Android, in Xiaomi once sparked the hot discussions on the enticement of Chinese Internet businesses on international talents. Amid the Chinese enterprise globalization, Magnus Bocker is undoubtedly one of the most highly-rated heavyweight personages from the European and American region among the senior executives who join Chinese enterprises. With his participation, Magnus Bocker is the most highly-ranked senior executive in Kouclo Group's history of introduction.

Magnus Bocker is believed to have served as the president for The NASDAQ OMX Group and the chief executive officer (CEO) for the Singapore Exchange, where he worked for up to five or six years for the Singapore Exchange even directly in charge of the listing businesses and resigned this year. He has learned a lot in the global business community and acquired a wealth of contacts and a good reputation, and he also pays quite close attention to the Chinese capital market development and Chinese enterprises' overseas IPOs.

According to the reports of Taiwan "Central News Agency" from Singapore, the SGX points out that Magnus Bocker has over 20 years of leadership experience in the field of exchanges, including the founding of OMX, and plays a key role in the merger of OMX and NASDAQ Exchange. SGX Chairman JY Pillay says that Magnus Bocker "has distinguished himself in most areas of the exchange business and has a good understanding of the interplay of forces in the global exchange community."

At the same time, Magnus Bocker gets much attention in his techniques and international market expansion background. Analysts believe that Magnus Bocker from Sweden can even help Kouclo Group acquire a wider global market with his background in Europe and the USA, especially the participation in the capital market, which can help with the capital allocation globalization.

Amid the asset allocation globalization and the general background of the Chinese national economic idea of Belt and Road Initiative, Kouclo Group steps up its internationalization efforts, especially when it comes to global assets allocation, market expansion, and new room for corporate development.

CEO of Kouclo Group Li Linbin says: "Having set globalization to be the most important strategy of Kouclo Group, we have so far built the most complete Internet ecosystem , which includes the six platforms – the e-commerce, the payments finance, the communication facility, the cross-border e-commerce, the education platform, and the cadre network, and we have possessed the consolidated operational infrastructure for years. As Kouclo Group is accelerating its e-commerce globalization, we need to recruit talents with international visions and transnational business cooperation experiences, so that we can better meet the global market demands. Magnus Bocker will help Kouclo Group seize opportunities in the new global commerce era, find the reasonable position in the ever-changing market, maintain the corporate sustainability, and help Kouclo Group with the listing in the overseas markets. At the same time, Magnus Bocker will help Kouclo Group evolve into a real globalized enterprise!"

Profile: Magnus Bocker

2016, Chief Strategic Officer of Kouclo Group in charge of the capital market and listing businesses.

Magnus Bocker had been working for OMX Group for as long as 22 years as the chief financial officer, chief executive officer, and technical director, and served Stockholm Stock Exchange (OMXAB) as the chief executive officer.

It was after the merger between the New York Automated Quotations and the Stockholm Stock Exchange that Magnus Bocker worked for the merged New York Automated Quotations OMX Group in March 2008 as the president, in charge of the listing, corporate services, and market technical businesses during his tenure. With his leadership, the NASDAQ stock market became the greatest trading platform of the global capital market. OMX is famous among the seven stock exchanges that operate in the Nordic region as an information technology platform, and it is the world's largest technological solutions supplier for exchanges that offer technical solutions for exchanges, clearing houses, and securities collection companies.

In December 2009, Magnus Bocker worked for the SGX as the chief executive officer, and many activities were carried out at the SGX, including extending trading hours, establishing rapid trading systems, and, after that, seeking the merger with the Australian Stock Exchange, actively competing with the HKEx. The SGX is the first stock exchange with the stock shares system in the Asia-Pacific region that deals with both the securities and financial derivatives tradings.

Magnus Bocker is even part of the board of directors of the World Federation of Exchanges.


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