DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Jun 1, 2016) - Elite Energy Concepts, Inc has announced plans to expand in the second quarter. As a marketing firm, Elite Energy Concepts specializes in direct marketing campaigns and promotional brand management for their clients in the solar and renewable energy industries. Cypress Creek Renewables has teamed up with Houston-based retail electricity provider MP2 Energy Texas LLC and EEC for the first "local solar" retail electricity product and program for Dallas residents, called the Cypress Solar Texas Program. This retail offer creates a solution for Texas residents to "Go Green," save money & help the environment all in one program.

Cypress Creek Renewables has assisted thousands of new clients in going green and have already started construction on their third "local solar" farm, with more than dozens of future farms planned in Texas, New York, and Colorado.

When asked about EEC's success rate, Market Manager Sam Quilici credited Elite's success with the account representatives, stating, "In my experience, team is everything. I remind my team that we are building a new brand and changing the way people look at electricity. When we work hard together, our success increases exponentially, as we've seen already." When asked what to expect from this campaign, Sam stated, "We were surprised with how fast the concept has caught on & how receptive people in Texas have been towards renewable energy. At this point we have no choice but to grow. Our problem right now is that we have more cities in need of our service than we have people to manage them."

One of the top reasons Elite Energy Concepts, Inc has been so successful is the company's policy of investing in its employees. As a company that only promotes from within, Elite Energy Concepts Inc trains and helps develop career-oriented employees from training into management. Sam has major plans to help Elite Energy Concepts expand into several other regions in Texas including Fort Worth, Austin, El Paso, and Abilene by year end. When asked about the upcoming growth, Quilici asserted, "Over the next few months, we plan on opening two more offices. We plan on finishing the year with 10,000+ new clients, a minimum of three 5mw solar farms filled, and to have six farms ready." These recent developments have opened up new growth opportunities for EEC. With the strong partnerships & client support it looks like they have everything set in place for an even bigger year than 2015.

One of the reasons why Market Manager Quilici acts as an advocate for promotion from within is because of personal experience. Having started with the company after applying to an ad on Careerbuilder in Florida, he understands the business from every angle and wants leaders at Elite Energy Concepts to have practical experience with the company. When asked about his background, Sam stated, "I was a student athlete in Kansas, playing college football and I also played Rugby at the National level." After college, Quilici was attracted to the company's infrastructure. He explained, "The opportunity to grow into management in a short amount of time based upon my results rather than how long I've been in the company brought me to the business. It was that concept that really motivated me to focus in on the training and to be 100% committed to the task at hand." Now as a manager, Quilici focuses on providing the opportunity to succeed to others.

Elite Energy Concepts, Inc revolves around the strong team dynamic that employees share. They provide travel opportunities, national networking events, and most importantly, weekly team nights to help build relationships among coworkers. For more information about Elite Energy Concepts, Inc and their recent expansion, visit them online at http://www.eliteenergyconcepts.com.

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