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Develop Mentality Management Group Announces 2016 Expansion Goals

TUALATIN, OR--(Marketwired - Jun 1, 2016) - Develop Mentality Management Group's Dan Clausen has recently announced the company's plans to expand in 2016. As an in-store marketing firm, Develop Mentality Management Group works with the fortune 500 retailers in Tualatin to do marketing campaigns and brand promotions for their clients in the satellite and communications industries. Clausen discussed the company's intention to build partnerships with three additional locations. In order to meet this goal, the company has plans to develop an additional three managers from within the company.

"Expansion means giving deserving people an opportunity to change their lives. It also means expanding our territory and in turn creating more jobs," stated Clausen. Leaders at Develop Mentality Management Group gain practical experience in the field before earning their way to management through the company's management training program. Clausen, who rose to management from entry level, feels that the best managers work with their employees to reach common goals rather than dictating to them. He stated, "My management style is hands on. I like to go into the field and work side by side with my people to provide encouragement, motivation, and constructive criticism." This side-by-side approach to meeting common goals has helped employees at Develop Mentality Management Group to be successful.

Develop Mentality Management Group invests in its employees to ensure that they meet personal and professional goals as they work with the company to meet benchmarks for clients. Clausen explained that the company offers incentives to top producers, stating, "Aside from performance based bonuses, we have incentives and prizes that the team competes for almost daily." This friendly competition carries over into other team activities such as bowling team nights and dinners after hours. For managers like Clausen, team nights help employees to build relationships and share comradery that carries over into their positive work environment.

When building a positive brand and customer footprint for their clients, employees put relationships first. After being asked about his business, Clausen asserted, "My organization stands out because we're all about people helping people. Not only when it comes to customer service in store, we understand that we're only as strong as our weakest link, and we work to make sure everyone is constantly growing." This company-wide growth mindset has enabled Develop Mentality Management Group to meet goals and push to the next level for their clients.

Top producers, like Clausen, have received national recognition repeatedly for their production for national clients. With this recognition and the company's goals, the company plans on bringing on additional help to meet the company's need. For more information about Develop Mentality Management Group, visit their website at

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