MILPITAS, CA--(Marketwired - June 01, 2016) - SS8, the time machine for breach detection, today outlined its vision for providing enterprises a platform for faster detection and forecasting of data breaches. SS8 is building on its years of experience providing communications analytics for the world's top intelligence agencies, law enforcement organizations and service providers, and now applying it to the enterprise to turn back the clock on network threats and take the guesswork out of hunting for breaches.

"Breaches are occurring right now under our noses and hiding in the normal flow of communications for hundreds of days. This 'dwell time' is forcing the breach conversation to happen at the highest level in today's enterprise," said Faizel Lakhani, president and COO of SS8. "Our deep understanding of communications flows and years of proven experience tracking suspects-of-interest (SOI) has given us a unique edge in being able to rewind and pinpoint the device-of-interest in today's war on enterprise data breaches."

According to the Verizon Data Breach Impact Report, a data breach can go undetected for more than 200 days. And according to analyst firm Gartner, "No one, including CISOs, can control threats to their organization -- they can only be aware and be prepared for their arrival."1

"SS8 takes today's knowledge and applies it to history," added Lakhani. "Our breakthrough Learning Analytics model ties together High-Definition Records from communication patterns with today's threat intelligence to not only accelerate the detection of breaches, but forecast breach behavior for future protection."

SS8 has leveraged its experience providing investigation-grade communications analytics solutions to intelligence agencies around the world to develop SS8 BreachDetect as a "time machine" for data breach detection. According to the CTO of a large national government agency, "People believe we are the experts in communications, but in reality, when we don't understand something, we use SS8."

SS8 BreachDetect generates and stores months, and even years, of enriched High-Definition Records (HDRs) from all communications flows, which are analyzed in real-time against past, current and future network activity to find unidentified breaches. SS8 BreachDetect includes:

  • Lightweight Sensors -- High-performance, application-aware software sensors generate completely unique high-definition records (HDRs) that can be stored for years.
  • Learning Analytics -- An engine that enriches, analyzes, learns, and matches HDR data with user, device and threat intelligence information.
  • Automated Discovery -- SS8 gives the enterprise security analyst a simplified, automated workflow that takes the guesswork out of hunting for breaches.

"With advanced persistent threats becoming so much more intense, enterprise security teams really need to improve their security analytic approach significantly," said Dr. Edward G. Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber and former CSO of AT&T. "Historical trending and analysis, as exemplified in SS8's Time Machine, provides an excellent means for improving the accuracy of forecasting emergent threats."

"Our clients trust us to not only offer them sound financial advice, but maintain a high level of security and anonymity for their data and financial transactions," said Anthony Juliano, CTO and General Partner of Landmark Ventures. "Partnering with SS8 helps us ensure sensitive information is not being exfiltrated. By connecting the dots between user and application-level events, we have accelerated the investigation of anomalies on the network, even when there's no current signature or intelligence alert available. We now have the ability to instantly look backwards as soon as a threat indicator pops up -- it's an entirely new level of visibility and workflow automation."

About SS8

SS8 is a time machine for breach detection. SS8 applies today's knowledge to history to find breaches now that you did not know about before. By generating, storing and analyzing months, and even years, of enriched intelligence from all communications flows, SS8 customers benefit from unprecedented content- and context-aware insights that allows them to find the threats that matter most. SS8 is trusted by six of the world's largest intelligence agencies, five of the 10 largest communications providers and two of the world's largest critical infrastructure entities. Learn more at

1 Source: Gartner, Inc. "How Gartner Defines Threat Intelligence," Rob McMillan, February 23, 2016.

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