LEWISBURG, PA--(Marketwired - Jun 1, 2016) - Playworld, a leading commercial playground equipment manufacturer committed to saving outdoor unstructured play, today announced the launch of PlayCubes, equipment offering a new form for open-ended play. Originally introduced in the 1960s by Architect Richard Dattner, an exclusive partnership between Dattner and Playworld is now giving new life to the once popular playground equipment. 

"Playworld is delighted to partner with Richard Dattner on reviving his original PlayCubes," said Michael Laris, chief product officer for Playworld. "The iconic sculptural playforms enhance any outdoor space and provide a play environment that is unique and supportive to child development. The structures encourage positive, open-ended, child-directed play and we are absolutely thrilled to help bring PlayCubes back to children and communities everywhere."

Designed for children ages 5 and up, PlayCubes offer rich physical, social and cognitive play value along with refreshingly fun ways to engage. The distinctive geometric shapes and undefined paths encourage exploration and climbing activity that's accessible, yet challenging. The varying planes and handholds encourage climbing and spatial experimentation, with small recesses that invite entry and provide an immersive play experience.

"The revival of PlayCubes through my collaboration with Playworld is a terrific moment," said Richard Dattner, FAIA. "These timeless structures, reimagined for today's world, provide children with the opportunity to use their senses for learning how their body works, feeling textures, colors and their environment -- free from parental micromanagement. They were successful in the 70's and I'm sure they will continue to be successful in the future, engaging generations to come."

Available in a single cube for ages 2 and up, and in four pre-set designs that vary in size, capacity and play activity for ages 5 and up, PlayCubes are configured to enable easy selection. Customers also have the option to play-functionally link PlayCubes to avail of a larger play space. 

PlayCubes are currently on display at Chinatown Park on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston, Massachusetts, as an extension of Extraordinary Playscapes, a Design Museum Foundation exhibition featuring over 40 pioneering play spaces from around the world.

To learn more about PlayCubes, please visit Playworld.com or contact Jennifer Leckstrom at 215-681-0770 or jleckstrom@rosecomm.com

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