NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jun 2, 2016) -  Since the public launch of AdParlor's redesigned Ad Mockup Generator -- a free tool to preview ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter -- AdParlor has seen incredible success. In just 100 days, it has tallied 100,000 visits from industry professionals who want to mockup their ads to check the look and feel of their social media ads before they ever go live. "We wanted to offer the advertising community a tool to make their lives a little easier," AdParlor VP of Marketing Anita Newton said. "Our site traffic is testament that we are doing that."

Whether users are checking out a concept, putting together samples for a client, or assembling a report, the Ad Mockup Generator provides an accurate preview of ad units. In the past, this could be a time-consuming and inaccurate process, but AdParlor's free tool makes it easy. "Our team was focused on integrating a better user experience and offering one-click downloading capability," AdParlor VP of Engineering CJ Murphy said. "The days of building and taking screenshots of mockups are over."

The Ad Mockup Generator has a variety of built-in features that save users time and headaches:

  • Preview as you build: Mockups take shape as users input text and images
  • Save your profiles: Re-use the most commonly used social media profiles to build mockups faster
  • Responsive character limits guides: Tells users how many is too many, and offers best practices

The industry has embraced the Ad Mockup Generator; here's a sampling of the Twitter shout-outs AdParlor has received:

Just discovered your service and it made my day 10x easier. Amazing product, thank you!

My go-to site for making mockups for my clients! 

Need to quickly create a sample social ad? We love the @AdParlor Mockup Generator. And it's free!

Visit to try the Ad Mockup Generator.

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