SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - June 02, 2016) -  Drew Brees, the MVP quarterback responsible for leading the New Orleans Saints to their Super Bowl Championship, today announced his investment in OurPact, an application that enables parents to balance children's mobile device habits and encourage distraction-free family moments.

Brees is known for his achievements, both on and off of the field. His sport requires careful calculation; noticing advancements that others don't and acting quickly is a talent that has served him well over the years. For this reason, Brees' decision to join the ownership team of the highly marketable and quickly growing app makes sense -- the success of OurPact seems undeniable, and it falls perfectly in-line with his family-oriented preferences.

OurPact first launched in February of 2015, and the patented platform has since grown to support over half a million users around the world. The free, intuitive app levels the playing field for parents by enabling them to block Internet and apps on children's mobile devices at-a-touch from anywhere -- whether on Wi-Fi at home or 4G at the grocery store, parents stay connected to their children's device habits. The solution's impressive retention figures stand well above the industry average, proving that once families use the app they find it hard to live without.

"OurPact is a product I believe in," said Brees. "I heard about the application through a friend, and as soon as my wife and I tried it, we knew it was right for our family."

Drew Brees is not the first star to attach his name to the product; this past December celebrity chef Jamie Oliver organically shared a video touting the application's benefits to his millions of fans. With no immediate marketing campaigns aligned with Drew's investment, it appears to be an entrepreneurial, not promotional, decision.

To learn more about OurPact, visit, or download the app for free in the iOS App Store.

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