VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - June 02, 2016) - Jukebox Print, a boutique printing company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, has invited select artists -- hailing from the cities of Paris and Vancouver -- to showcase their personal translation of the theme #PasséPressFutur in a series of exclusive works printed in high fidelity letterpress.

Utilizing the bridge of illustration, #PasséPressFutur explores connections between culture, communication and humour that are intrinsic to language. Engaging the eye of the audience, this exhibition presents linguistic viewpoints of these expressions -- past and present, to form a future interpreted through each artist's lens.

In merging the tradition and craftsmanship of letterpress printing with the talent and imagination of this creative class, #PasséPressFutur parallels the timelessness of printing expertise Jukebox brings to the fore in drawing its sense of innovation from techniques of the past to serve the present, and inspire future projects.

Much more than the cheek of a humorous wink, this project marks the continued will of bringing international collaborations forward in encouraging close cultural exchange between Vancouver and Paris, Canada and France, and further, between Art and Industry the world over.

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