DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Jun 3, 2016) - What would it feel like to regain the positivity and joy of your childhood? What if you could spend your lunch hour moving toward that kind of freedom and joie de vivre? Lunchtime Joy Magnet, the newly released book by author Sandra M. Bell, brings fresh, affirmative answers to both questions. 

Whether this is someone's first look into grooming the mind for positivity or they have been a lifelong seeker and practitioner of researchers' leading edge methods, this book helps transform the mind and thus life by giving new ways to perceive and interpret daily realities.

"Ask most anyone you know that has a high baseline of happiness how they do it, and they will probably tell you that it is a choice," says Bell. "Making the choice is the first step. Knowing how to catch, identify, and trim away old engrained subconscious negative patterns and beliefs is where this book helps immensely with that goal."

Bell insists that grooming the mind for more bliss, peace, wonder and contentment is not rocket science, although scientists are now giving a lot of guidance in this area. The book focuses on instilling new positive habits and pruning away the undesirable neural pathways that enslave individuals in endless loops of negativity.

"You're navigating this river of life which always passes through the banks of pleasure and pain. It's easy to get caught up on one of the shores -- with desire, always wanting, wanting, wanting what you don't have -- or with pain, holding on to past hurts," said Bell. "I hope with all my heart that this book will give you the practical and easy tools you need to flow with that river -- to let go, love, be grateful, wondrous and forever in flow with your natural curiosities and authentic life adventure."

For book information and purchase, visit http://amzn.to/1TAjFzX. For media inquiries, an interview or exclusive clip use the contact form at www.SandraMBell.com.

About the Author

Sandra M Bell is an author, speaker, and publisher of a popular e-magazine entitled Trekkin' The Life Authentic at SandraMBell.com. Her mission is to help individuals realize their strengths and worth and to provide the social and emotional intelligence tools for powerful personal transformation.

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