CHARLESTON, SC--(Marketwired - June 06, 2016) - SIB Lighting, a Charleston-based national LED lighting advisory company, announced today that it has completed the first phase of an LED lighting project for Motley Rice LLC to upgrade its lighting infrastructure at its headquarters in Mount Pleasant, SC.

Technological advancements in recent years have resulted in compelling economics for conversion to LED lighting for many commercial customers. These upgrades provide a variety of benefits, both in terms of cost savings and environmental efficiency. "We are very excited about the Motley Rice project and the improvements made to the building. We are seeing extremely rapid growth with commercial and industrial accounts switching to LED lighting," said David Etzler, president of SIB Lighting.

The new lighting has been added to both the interior and the exterior of the building. "We are pleased with the improvement at our headquarters building and are proud to be a company supporting green initiatives. We look forward to working with SIB Lighting on the next phase to further enhance our facility and reduce our carbon footprint," said John Baden, a member attorney at Motley Rice LLC.

Under the recently completed project, SIB Lighting upgraded Motley Rice's lighting system by replacing inefficient light fixtures with new LED lighting and technology.

About SIB Lighting

SIB Lighting is a full-service lighting consultant focused on helping clients with energy-efficient lighting solutions including LED retrofits as well as lighting control systems. SIB Lighting is backed by a private equity firm and is a division of SIB Development & Consulting, an industry leader in fixed cost monthly reduction, serving over 25,000 client locations across multiple industries such as retail, healthcare, and hospitality. For more information about SIB Lighting, visit their web site at

About Motley Rice LLC

Motley Rice is one of the nation's largest plaintiffs' litigation firms. With a tradition of representing those whose rights have been violated, Motley Rice attorneys gained recognition for their pioneering asbestos lawsuits, their work with the State Attorneys General in the landmark litigation against Big Tobacco, and their representation of 9/11 families in the ongoing lawsuit against terrorist financiers. The firm continues to handle complex litigation in numerous areas, including securities fraud; antitrust; consumer protection; mesothelioma; environmental contamination; prescription and over-the-counter drugs; other medical devices; human rights; aviation disasters; and wrongful death. Motley Rice is headquartered in Mt. Pleasant, S.C., and has additional offices in Connecticut; Louisiana; Washington, D.C.; New York; Missouri; Rhode Island; and West Virginia.

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