HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - June 06, 2016) - IntelliClear today announced the selection of the Global Orphan Project (GO Project) as the 2016 recipient of its annual Clarity Trust donation. Under the yearly program, IntelliClear contributes 1% of its corporate profits to an outstanding charity as part of an on-going corporate commitment to supporting worldwide communities and charitable activities.

"Abandoned children have been a primary focus of our charity giving, and we are excited to have identified a charity determined to make the greatest positive impact possible in that arena," says Eric Shuster, President and CEO of IntelliClear. "Millions of children, especially in poorly managed countries, fall through the cracks of available resources or adoption circles. Providing material and spiritual resources for those children is the goal of GO Project," adds Alex Kalamarides, Ph.D., Managing Director and General Partner of IntelliClear.

"In today's environment where too many corporations focus solely on the short term and bottom line, IntelliClear's generous investment in caring for orphaned and abandoned children is inspiring," said Trace Thurlby, President of The Global Orphan Project. "We are grateful for leading companies like IntelliClear who have the vision and the heart for real, long-term success by caring for children and families in need."

Past recipients of the IntelliClear Clarity Trust have included Katrina Relief, Red Cross, Springs Rescue Mission, Doctors without Borders, Heartgift, Choice Humanitarian, SOS Children's Villages of Greece, Children's Aid Society of New York, UNICEF's Fund for the Children of Syria, and Disabled American Veterans. IntelliClear encourages companies of all sizes to exercise corporate responsibility, including regular charitable donations to worthy causes around the globe.

About The Global Orphan Project (goproject.org/go-project)
Founded by Mike and Beth Fox in 2003 in Kansas City, GO Project supports the orphan-oriented caretaking efforts of carefully selected Christian ministries in the USA and overseas. They also focus on keeping families together by providing education and living-wage jobs (www.goex.org). Their 100% Commitment ensures that every cent of every dollar donated to the care of children goes to their care, maximizing the positive impact of your support in the lives of children and families in crisis.

About IntelliClear (www.intelliclear.com)
IntelliClear is a market research and business consulting firm committed to the delivery of actionable market intelligence to the global IT community. IntelliClear's mission is to bring clarity to IT market intelligence by delivering results-oriented research, responsive industry experience, and effective data synthesis -- leading to confident go-to-market plans. IntelliClear leverages the experiences of seasoned IT and market research professionals, while utilizing its global network of industry consultants and research partners to execute projects across a broad spectrum of disciplines and geographies.

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