SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - June 07, 2016) - Today, Base announced the launch of Apollo, a next-generation sales science solution designed to make CRM systems both more usable and efficient. Apollo is the first platform to capture and analyze millions of data points in real-time to provide enterprise businesses with quantifiable and actionable insights to increase sales. The new platform can leverage both the massive amount of data collected by Base's core sales management platform, as well as legacy CRM systems.

"There's one dirty secret in the multi-billion dollar CRM category that no one dares to talk about and it has to do with lack of user adoption. Sales reps simply refuse to use systems like Salesforce and Oracle and this means that teams can't collect and connect enough data points to derive statistically significant insights," said Base CEO and Co-Founder Uzi Shmilovici. "The most glaring example was Avon, who had a $120M write off in their CRM software due to lack of adoption, and this was a sign to us that there has to be a better solution. That's what we're unveiling today with Apollo."

Mr. Shmilovici shared an early preview of Apollo with over 500 science-driven sales leaders during his keynote last Thursday at Forecast, Base's annual sales conference.

Base, who has raised $53M to date, has an ambitious goal to fix this painful problem. The combination of a user-friendly interface, industry-leading mobile apps and fully-integrated sales productivity tools generates up to 30X more data than traditional CRM systems.

Thanks to thousands of hours of research around key sales growth factors, Apollo is able to analyze these data points and provide every company with a unique Sales Genome. The Sales Genome is a complete codification of hundreds of factors impacting sales performance, and serves as the framework for countless automated real time computations of what-if scenarios that a company can use to increase sales.

Sales leaders using Apollo will benefit from:

  • Live Insight Feed: A real time feed of actionable insights presented to the sales manager or executive. Each insight is accompanied by clear actions for increasing sales and can be explored to expose the raw data behind it.

  • Goal Tracking
    : Any prescriptive recommendations that a sales manager or executive elects to track are logged, and progress is measured to show improvement areas over time.

  • Data Doctor
    : Sales managers and executives can view the health of their CRM data. Real-time monitoring allows them to see what percentage of data fields are completed, the accuracy of the data and more.

Base's next generation sales platform is being used to date by more than 7,000 customers and the ability to build a platform that sales reps actually use has led to recent multi-million dollar contracts with companies like Groupon, Cook Medical and Blue Raven Solar.

Select companies are already benefiting from Apollo's quantifiable, actionable insights including Expensify, the fastest growing ERP software in the world. "Apollo has given us visibility into our sales process and performance that otherwise would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible, to achieve," said Head of Sales at Expensify, Jason Mills. "The insights we're getting from Base are golden not just to me and my team, but also to executives across the organization and our board members. We look forward to working closely with Base to further refine our sales processes in a measurable and scalable way."

Base will be accepting 3 new customers for Apollo in Q3. Learn more and request access at

About Base
Base builds Apollo, the first Sales Science Platform that empowers businesses to grow revenue in a way that's measurable, repeatable and scalable. Unlike legacy cloud CRM and salesforce automation systems, Base offers an all-in-one solution that increases rep adoption rates and data collection across devices. With the ability to analyze big data trends in real-time, Base provides sales leaders with the actionable, quantifiable insights they need to accelerate performance. The Base mobile apps are the #1 rated CRM and sales mobile apps in the iOS and Android stores, with more than a quarter of a million app downloads. Base and its team of Sales Scientists help more than 7,000 leading companies across the globe like Cisco, Cook Medical, Dow Chemicals, Groupon and Aflac take a more scientific approach to sales. For additional information, visit us at

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