DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Jun 7, 2016) - Koeppel Direct has created and released an insightful new infographic, The Travel Guide to Destination Marketing, which details the motivations and activities of the world's travelers. With the travel season on the cusp of being in full swing, and the total number of international travelers growing year after year, Koeppel shows how travelers no longer rely on one or two channels of accessible information when planning a trip. Instead, today's informed traveler relies heavily on web-based information to plan and book a trip.

Among the key insights:

Most travelers will employ social media, mobile technology, peer reviews, virtual booking sites, and the latest in mobile technology to plan, book, and fulfill the trip of their dreams. Interestingly, 52% of those surveyed indicated that a destination viewed via social media was an inspiration for their vacation, suggesting that traditional "word of mouth advertising" has been replaced to a large degree by shared imagery.

The top online booking website accounted for more than 300 million unique bookings, with the next five websites garnering a total of just under 300 million combined. Perhaps surprising to some, Booking.com is the leader in online booking websites, with hundreds of millions of dedicated users.

The top travel destinations these days include France, the USA, Spain, China, and Italy. Though France boasts slightly more visitors each year -- at about 84M visitors -- when compared to the USA, visitors tend to spend more than three times as much money when visiting the United States. Times Square in New York, Central Park in New York, and Union Station in Washington D.C. are three top destinations.

The top television advertisers for travel in 2015 included Southwest Airlines, followed by Trivago.com, Disney and The Royal Caribbean. Also in 2015, social network ad spend exceeded video ad spend for travel advertising.

To view the infographic and learn more about travel activities across the globe, including which destination marketing vehicles are most prevalent in the travel industry, please visit: http://koeppeldirect.com/drtvblog/travel-guide-destination-marketing-trends/.

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