MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - June 7, 2016) - The Scolab studio is pleased to announce that Netmath, Canada's number one digital math resource, is now available in English and in four Canadian provinces: Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba.

Already adopted by more than 70% of students from primary and secondary schools, Netmath is currently the digital platform specialized in Math education the most widely used by French speakers in both Quebec and Ontario. Starting today, Netmath will offer content in English for these provinces, as well as introducing its bilingual platform in two new ones: Alberta and Manitoba. Available on the iPad, the application will be offered in English from the start of the 2016/2017 school year.

In an educational, technological and playful environment, Netmath offers more than 15 000 exciting and motivating activities, as well as detailed solutions, puzzles and missions dedicated to Math culture.

Closer to the reality of the new generation, Netmath is designed to support and guide students along their learning path in mathematics. With the facility to check the results live, access the solution process with one click, to understand their mistakes and restart an exercise with new data, all this allows the student to gain greater autonomy and self-confidence at their own pace.

Netmath also provides teachers the opportunity to follow the progress of each student in real time. Statistics on answer accuracy, time spent and difficulties encountered facilitate monitoring their development and providing targeted educational support.

The platform is already used in 5000 French schools throughout Quebec and Ontario, and has been aligned with the curricula of each provinces.


Netmath is:

  • More than 5 000 subscribed schools
  • More than 22 000 registered teachers
  • More than 475 000 subscribed students
  • More than 175 000 000 activities solved since 2004
  • Over 15 000 mathematics activities
  • From Grade 2, through to Grade 10 (Secondary 4) in Quebec
  • From Grade 3, through to Grade 10 in Ontario
  • From Grade 3, through to Grade 9 in Alberta and Manitoba


Founded in 2004, Scolab is an educational technologies laboratory based in Montreal. It brings together an international team of programmers, designers and educators who work in close collaboration to build the future of education and provide teachers with new online learning tools. The studio develops the interactive programs Netmath in Canada and Buzzmath in the United States.

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