CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Jun 7, 2016) - DialogTech, the leading provider of the most comprehensive, end-to-end call attribution and conversion platform for data-driven marketers, today announced a major update to their Google AdWords integration. Now, marketers can seamlessly send customer calls as conversions directly into their AdWords account, overcoming issues that marketers face with other call attribution providers who only integrate with AdWords through Google Analytics.

"Research from BIA/Kelsey shows that digital and mobile advertising are expected to drive 162 billion calls to businesses by 2019. It is a necessity for marketers to know which platforms generate the most calls in order to measure and optimize digital marketing performance," said Irv Shapiro, CEO of DialogTech. "Our AdWords integration allows marketers to fully optimize search campaigns based on the conversions that they value most in near real time."

DialogTech's enhanced AdWords integration provides websites with multiple listings, locations, and agents with the ability to count multiple calls from the same visitor as separate conversions. Other key functions and benefits include:

  • Bypassing Call Conversion Deduplication: Marketers who manage campaigns for listing-based websites value every customer call, even if the same customer contacts multiple listings. Unfortunately, most call attribution providers only integrate with AdWords through Google Analytics, which deduplicates multiple conversions from the same session. DialogTech's direct integration overcomes this restraint and sends multiple call conversions directly into AdWords.
  • Near Real-Time Customer Call Conversions: Marketers who value single or multiple customer calls from the same session are now able to send those calls directly to AdWords in near real-time. Traditional integrations with AdWords through Google Analytics have a delay period of 24 to 48 hours.
  • PPC First-Touch Attribution: Not all visitors convert over the phone during their first session. They may originally arrive onto a website through paid search, but convert during a later visit where they arrived organically or directly. Those customer calls may not be attributed back to paid search campaigns since Google Analytics uses last non-direct click attribution by default. Therefore, the calls would not be sent as conversions into AdWords. DialogTech can attribute customer calls to their first touch and send them as conversions to AdWords, so marketers can gain credit for driving those calls.

Enterprise marketing teams and agencies already analyze and optimize the customer journey for the search keywords, digital ads and website interactions that generate online engagement. DialogTech's call analytics enables them to do the same for offline phone call conversions. The call data appears alongside the online data in the marketing solutions they already use. It also requires no change to current processes and causes no disruption to digital ads or website performance.

"Our solutions are built to be fully functional and work seamlessly within the Google ecosystem," said Steve Dimmitt, Chief Revenue Officer of DialogTech. "We see more and more of our customers turning to Google's products, so we have prioritized fully integrating with each of them. We are excited to offer our customers an AdWords integration alongside already available integrations with Google DoubleClick and Google Analytics."

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