KIMBERLEY, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - June 6, 2016) - The Mining Association of British Columbia (MABC) was pleased to be a part of the 2016 Annual Provincial Mine Rescue and First Aid Competition, which took place in Kimberley on June 4th, with teams representing mining operations from across British Columbia.

The competition was divided into three categories, Surface Mine Rescue, Underground Rescue, and Three Person First Aid. Tasks included life-like simulations that test skills in firefighting, first aid, rope rescue, extrication and general mine rescue knowledge.

"British Columbia has a long history of mine rescue excellence and we are proud of our unwavering commitment to safety and maintaining our status as one of the safest heavy industries in the country," said Karina Briño, President and CEO of the Mining Association of BC. "I commend all of the dedicated mine rescue personnel that go to work every day to keep their colleagues and communities safe."

MABC would like to recognize the commitment to safety and best practices demonstrated by all competitors. The detailed list of results from this year's Provincial Mine Rescue and First Aid Competition is available below.

Major Category Competition Winners:

  • Overall Surface Mine Rescue Trophy - Highland Valley Copper (Teck)
  • Overall Underground Mine Rescue Trophy - New Afton (New Gold)
  • Three Person First Aid Trophy - Huckleberry Mine (Huckleberry Mines Ltd)


  • Ron Brown Memorial (best surface extrication) - Elkview Mine (Teck Coal)
  • Maurice Boisse Memorial Trophy (Best Practical Bench Skills) - Elkview Mine (Teck Coal)
  • Levitt Safety Fire Trophy - Greenhills Mine (Teck Coal)
  • EKMISA Trophy (Best written) - Elkview Mine (Teck Coal)
  • HVC Highest Non Aggregate Points Trophy - Greenhills Mine (Teck Coal)


  • Best Bench Tech - David Heathfield, Sullivan Mine (Teck)
  • Best Written Score (Richard Booth Award) - New Afton (New Gold)
  • Best UG First Aid (Sullivan Cup) - New Afton (New Afton)
  • Best UG Practical Skills (Barry Abbott Memorial) - New Afton (New Gold)
  • Best UG Performance in Smoke: Sullivan Mine (Teck)
  • Best Obstacle and Recovery (Keith Bracewell Memorial) - Sullivan Mine (Teck)
  • Best UG Fire Task - New Afton (New Gold)
  • Kathy Lofstrom Memorial Trophy - Best 3 person Coach: Amand Cunliffe
  • Chief Inspectors Award - Gerry Wong - Highland Valley Copper (Teck)

Contact Information:

Mining Association of British Columbia
Karina Brino
President and CEO