ALPHARETTA, GA--(Marketwired - June 08, 2016) -  Catavolt today announced that it has added new features that enable developers to create and deploy secure mobile apps using open standards and industry accepted tools. As part of this effort, Catavolt is fully supporting the OpenAPI Specification, previously known as Swagger. Developers can now consume and interact with all Catavolt components using REST services, enabling them to extend Catavolt apps to any connected device.

In addition, Catavolt has released an Open Connector Model allowing developers to create new back-end integrations for the Catavolt API Gateway. Catavolt's API Gateway allows companies to connect cloud and on-premise resources securely. Catavolt already has a large portfolio of prebuilt connectors including SAP,, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services. The Open Connector Model provides developers with the ability to write Java-based connectors to any back-end system. These custom connectors are immediately interoperable with any other custom connector, as well as connectors pre-built by Catavolt.

"Catavolt has become a centralized hub of communications for our clients, combining the capabilities of all their systems and delivering them to users in the form of an elegant mobile user experience," says Catavolt chief executive officer George Mashini. "The time has come to open this hub, so that it can be leveraged by developers to create more connected solutions in the cloud, including mobility and the Internet of Things."

These additional features can be utilized along with Catavolt's existing codeless App Builder and dynamic pre-built API connectors. Any custom connectors created with the Open Connector Model will be 100% interoperable with all pre-built connectors and codeless apps.

"This update significantly expands the variety of front-end interfaces and back-end systems that can be connected to Catavolt," said Catavolt chief technology officer Glenn Osborne. "It directly addresses the concerns of enterprise developers as they face the challenges of a rapidly changing technology landscape."

"Increasingly developers are adopting tools based on the openness and extensibility of the platform," said Maribel Lopez, Founder of Lopez Research. "By adopting open standards, Catavolt has joined a community that will add value to the core of the Catavolt platform, and help us expand into emerging and expanding categories of connected devices."

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