TORONTO, ON --(Marketwired - June 08, 2016) - Technology and data company Engagement Labs, creator of the eValue™ score, today released rankings of the top performing U.S. TV broadcast networks and over-the-top (OTT) content providers on social media.

Top U.S. TV Broadcast Networks on Facebook and Twitter
Ranking  Facebook  Twitter
1  Food Network  E!
2  MSNBC  Fox News
3  Fox News  Cartoon Network
5  Fox Business  MTV
6  Logo  Hallmark Channel
7  Golf Channel  Freeform
9  CNBC  Golf Channel
10  NFL Network  NFL Network
11  CNN  Nickelodeon
12  BET  FOX Sports
13  NBC Sports  Disney Channel
14  Bravo  Bloomberg Television
15  Travel Channel  Discovery
16  CMT  BBC America
18  Hallmark Channel  FOX Business
19  Cooking Channel  HISTORY
20  Bloomberg Television  Food Network
21  Animal Planet  CMT
23  National Geographic Channel  Comedy Central
24  Discovery  BBC News
25  TV Land  Animal Planet
26  HLN  CBS
27  VH1  Travel Channel
28  IFC  USA Network
29  HISTORY  truTV
30  Lifetime  Logo
31  Comedy Central  Bravo
32  Freeform  FOX
34  Cartoon Network  HGTV
35  Syfy  IFC
36  Disney Channel  NBC Sports
37  Nickelodeon  PBS
38  AMC  Lifetime
39  CBS  A&E
40  NBC  ABC
41  SundanceTV  TV Land
42  FOX  National Geographic Channel
43  A&E  TLC
44  Spike  ION Television
45  ION Television  BET
46  E!  TBS
47  The CW  Syfy
49  Oxygen  NBC
50  truTV  Cooking Channel
Source: Engagement Labs eValueU.S. 2016 rankings of U.S. TV broadcast networks on Facebook & Twitter
Top U.S. Over-the-Top Content Providers on Facebook and Twitter
Ranking  Facebook  Twitter
1  Hulu  Amazon
2  Amazon  Netflix
3  Netflix  Hulu
Source: Engagement Labs eValueU.S. 2016 rankings of U.S. over-the-top content providers onFacebook & Twitter

"The TV landscape has drastically changed due to the rise in popularity of TV streaming services," stated Bryan Segal, CEO at Engagement Labs. "Otherwise known as over-the-top (OTT) content providers, these services have proven to be fierce competition for traditional TV broadcasters. With the dynamics of television viewing shifting drastically, the online conversations among TV fans have begun to reflect these changes."

On Facebook, TV broadcast networks generally scored extremely well for both Engagement and Impact, with Food Network leading the rankings with the highest overall eValue score. Fox Business had the highest Engagement of the group, using a content strategy which prompted its fans to share their thoughts on various political news stories and video interviews. The network garnered the most likes, comments and shares per 1,000 fans. MTV scored the highest Impact of the group, indicating that its content was reaching the most fans.

While broadcast networks earned impressive scores for Engagement and Impact on Facebook, OTT content providers demonstrated excellent Responsiveness on the channel. All three streaming services -- Hulu, Netflix and Amazon -- individually earned a higher Responsiveness score than the average Responsiveness score generated by all the TV networks measured, showcasing a commitment to engaging in two-way conversation with subscribers. Hulu placed first for OTT content providers with the highest Engagement. Despite posting much less frequently than its fellow streaming services, fans clearly enjoyed the content the brand shared, including when it announced new shows and posted clips from popular shows.

"With more TV viewers switching to OTT services for their television viewing needs, it's not surprising to see these services boast similar reach as broadcast networks -- as indicated by the high Impact scores," continued Segal. "These new services are giving TV networks a run for their money by focusing on two-way communication through effective response strategies. These strategies build brand affinity and trust amongst followers, something broadcast networks are lacking on Facebook, as highlighted by their low Responsiveness scores."

On Twitter, broadcast networks continued to earn high Impact scores, while demonstrating higher Responsiveness on the channel. E! ranked first for the second year in a row, with the highest Engagement, while second-place network, Fox News, scored the highest Impact, tying with ESPN for the category. Additionally, MTV scored the highest Responsiveness of the group.

OTT content providers continued to score well for Impact on Twitter, highlighting that their content is reaching just as diverse audiences as broadcast networks, with Netflix boasting the highest Impact of the OTT services. Engagement was higher on Twitter for streaming services, with Amazon scoring the highest in the category and Hulu gaining the most retweets and likes per 1,000 fans. Amazon ranked as the most responsive, helping to secure its first place ranking.

"Due to the real-time nature of the platform, Twitter lends itself to quicker and more direct fan conversations, which broadcast networks are leveraging. With TV networks focusing primarily on content on Facebook and isolating their response strategies to Twitter, they are missing ample opportunity to engage fans across both channels," noted Segal. "OTT content providers have identified that both Facebook and Twitter audiences are key assets to their overall online presence and, ultimately, subscription numbers. By taking a page from streaming services and placing emphasis on both content and communication across all online channels, traditional TV networks can continue to engage their widespread audience and translate online engagement into higher TV ratings."

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