LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 8, 2016) - Are You a Human will provide Danari with the capability to serve ads to a verified human by allowing real time access to its verified human whitelist. "This collaboration will allow us to close a crucial loop in our ability to block non-human traffic at the time of the bid instead of after a click happens. We can now detect and serve an ad to a verified human in real time," said Collin Kay, Danari's VP of Sales and Marketing. "As viewability and click fraud continue to be a major problem in our industry, media buyers can now feel confident in knowing that their ad will be shown to a human and that Danari continues to invest in cutting edge technologies to combat this problem."

Danari has been beta testing with Are You a Human over the past 8 months and has seen a significant lift in performance, viewability, and click patterns. "Along with the increase in quality we have seen a rise in CPC, client retention, brand safety, and the final CPM," said Kay.

Danari Media is one the fastest growing online advertising networks, selling over 12 million clicks daily to media buyers; providing them with highly sophisticated and detailed filtering tools. The Danari platform enables advertisers, publishers, networks, and agencies to instantly match their ads to sources of traffic that will yield the most profitable return on investment. Danari Media is headquartered in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Are You a Human's patented technology analyzes biometrics and deterministic data from our footprint of 3 million sites and partners. This data provides a real-time, accurate signal that allows publishers, CDN's, ad tech companies, and data platforms to know for certain whether the user they are about to address is definitely human or not before serving content, ads, or allowing a user to login, post content, or view sensitive information.

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Collin Kay
Danari Media