SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 9, 2016) - Today, leading search and analytics software company Lucidworks released new capabilities to its advanced search platform, Fusion, that make it faster, more secure, and more flexible than ever. Lucidworks Fusion provides the enterprise-grade capabilities needed to design, develop, and deploy intelligent search applications. With this new release, Fusion 2.4 streamlines user workflow and enhances security so that businesses across industries can create powerful data applications quickly and at any scale.

"Data is every company's core asset. As businesses accumulate data at an unprecedented rate, the largest challenge is connecting to and driving business value from all that information. We built Fusion to empower companies to deliver intuitive and contextual applications to customers while elevating the power of their data, wherever it lives," Lucidworks CEO Will Hayes said. "With time-based partitioning, added authentication functionality, and a new index pipeline simulator, businesses can develop custom data-driven experiences while avoiding the costly resources traditionally associated with wrangling Big Data."

Updates to Lucidworks Fusion, on the heels of the release of Lucidworks View, help organizations work smarter, delivering the tools required to rapidly build search-driven apps that leverage Apache Solr and Apache Spark. Fusion 2.4 features include:

  • Index Pipeline Simulator: A new sandbox that allows users to configure, add, and remove index pipeline stages to preview their output before making them live.
  • Time-based partitioning: Configure any Fusion collection as a moving time window using a set of Solr collections, where each collection stores data for a specified time range. Time-based queries will be automatically directed to the appropriate partition.
  • SAML support: Full authentication support for Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 for access control that seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise frameworks.
  • Apache Spark integration updates: New Spark Jobs API allows easy configuration and management of Spark jobs and cluster information. Fusion's SparkContext object provides greater flexibility for allocating resources.
  • connector improvements: Fusion's connector now ingests metadata and supports the JWT App Auth service.
  • Significant pipeline stage processing improvements

Lucidworks Fusion 2.4 is available today. For more information and to download the product, please visit:

Lucidworks is the commercial sponsor of Apache Lucene/Solr, one of the largest open source projects in the world. The company employs some of the foremost Solr experts and has contributed 70 percent of the project's code, helping to improve and guide the direction of the most popular search technology. Companies like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, American Express, Allstate, Verizon, Staples, Target, John Deere, Cisco and Red Hat rely on Lucidworks to power search inside their organizations.

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Lucidworks builds enterprise search solutions for some of the world's largest brands. Fusion, Lucidworks' advanced search platform, provides the enterprise-grade capabilities needed to design, develop and deploy intelligent search apps -- at any scale. Companies across all industries, from consumer retail and healthcare to insurance and financial services, rely on Lucidworks every day to power their consumer-facing and enterprise search apps. Lucidworks' investors include Shasta Ventures, Granite Ventures, and Walden International. Learn more at