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Canadians Launch Concierge Brokerage Service for the Bitcoin Generation is a Crypto-Currency Service That Offers Banking, Procurement and Merchant Solutions to the End User

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - June 14, 2016) - While Bitcoin and crypto-currency continue to expand into businesses as disruptive alternative payment methods across the globe, a Canadian company is poised to become a leader in providing and making Bitcoin and Ethereum more accessible to new and existing users. is a financial services software company that develops and sells brokerage services, merchant solutions and secure banking infrastructure for Bitcoin and other alternative payment systems.

" was developed to provide an accessible service for customers wanting to purchase Bitcoin online," commented Adam Goldman, co-founder of and a former computer analyst at Yahoo. "What sets us apart is that we have a concierge service for consumers with low fees, minimal wait times and superior customer service. can be thought of as an online ATM service that procures Bitcoin for the end user." allows customers to buy Bitcoins and Ether, send and receive Bitcoins and Ether, exchange Bitcoins and Ether for prepaid MasterCards, and offers merchant solutions for businesses to accept Bitcoin as payment, while being the first to enable businesses to accept Ether payments. provides SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions allowing businesses globally to accept Bitcoin payments, provide Bitcoin procurement through online brokerage services and provide a secure banking environment for Bitcoin holdings.

"We created when we realised there wasn't a safe and secure way to purchase Bitcoin without some extensive technical know-how, and without using a mixture of different products and services from separate companies, all with various levels of quality offerings," says Ademar Gonzalez, co-founder and software engineer. "The bulk of our success hinges on our ability to efficiently and skilfully create services and infrastructure as opposed to outsourcing our development capability." Products and Services aims to become a leader in providing Bitcoin to businesses around the globe, while also solidifying its Canadian market share in the brokering and payment space. Below is a list of's products and services. Concierge:

The concierge service provides an instant suite of integrated necessities for procuring and holding crypto assets that allows you to manage access to crypto markets through its order portal. With one simple click, procuring Bitcoin and Ethereum has never been easier.

If you have experience trading in the stock market, or purchasing investments or commodities through a broker, you'll enjoy having a personal account manager at your disposal to update you on account and market activity as well as executing trades and withdrawals. also provides fully managed account services to clients looking for that professional and personal feel.

Banking Services: Wallets provide secure Bitcoin storage with on-demand accessibility.

Merchant Solutions:'s Merchant Solution API (Application Programming Interface) is designed for merchants and businesses that require a secure, user-friendly and compatible method to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

About is a financial services software company that develops and sells, brokering services, merchant solutions, and secure banking infrastructure for Bitcoin and other alternative payment systems. is aimed at the retail consumer market, solving a multitude of problems facing consumer barriers to entry into Bitcoin. uses advanced mathematics and has developed proprietary software to automatically procure Bitcoin from global markets in real time. contains a series of products and services and is a legal operating name for Monitex Inc. the legal owner and operator of the brand. Visit

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