QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - June 21, 2016) - MS Solutions, a traditional and cloud computing solutions provider for organizations, has increased its impact and effectiveness by acquiring two major players in the industry, ExpertCloud and Teklach. In doing so, the company has become one of the largest providers of cloud and IT solutions for events in the province.

Completed on 1 June, the transaction has also enabled MS Solutions to double its client base in the field of cloud computing solutions. The company can now rely on a team of more than 40 experts to serve its customers in all regions of Quebec. Moreover, the ExpertCloud employees based in Saint-George-de-Beauce will stay there in order to continue to efficiently address this market's many needs.

"In acquiring ExpertCloud, we now have access to an extremely efficient technology infrastructure and business process, but more importantly we have a team of highly qualified professionals with very valuable expertise. We are thus building on our know-how in cloud computing for our fast-growing client base," MS Solutions president Maxime Dion explains.

Thanks to the acquisition, MS Solutions now has at its disposal an additional data centre to securely host its servers, for a total of two in Quebec City and one in Montreal. The Montreal centre has been certified by the PCI Security Standards Council.

"We have increased our hosting capacity for all our current and future customers. We now guarantee more than ever before that they can count on continuous operations thanks to various redundant systems," Mr. Dion asserts.


With the Red Bull Crashed Ice, Défi Beauceron, Ski Tour Canada 2016, Snowboard Jamboree 2016 and Transat Québec-Saint-Malo, Teklach has gained an excellent track record over the years by successfully providing wireless computer communications services at these key events.

"Teklach has in-depth knowledge of the various wireless technologies used for large-scale outdoor events. The strength of its technology enables event promoters and sponsors to fully benefit from the opportunities offered by the facilities," Maxime Dion explains.

Since MS Solutions was already in charge of the IT aspects of such major events as the Memorial Cup and National Bank Cup, "the company has now become the biggest provider of event-related IT services in Quebec City," Mr. Dion is pleased to point out.

"These large-scale events," Mr. Dion adds, "first and foremost need a reliable network for the organization's staff and members, as well as for the general public, who are increasingly demanding in this regard."

"An event with a sound network is more efficient and makes life easier for the organization, but it also enables visitors to share more information on social media. In 2016, a good wireless network is no longer a luxury. It is an essential tool for promoting events both here and around the world!" Maxime Dion says in conclusion.


MS Solutions specializes in cloud solutions, IT services for businesses, including the outsourcing of remote and on-site IT assets, and consulting services. The company has been in business for over 25 years, employs more than 40 full-time professionals and has been a Microsoft Gold partner for over 5 years. MS Solutions has employees in the Quebec Metro High Tech Park as well as in Montreal, Saint-Georges de Beauce and Gatineau.


ExpertCloud offers user-friendly, hassle-free hosted solutions that adapt to its customers' needs and the software they use, across multiple platforms. Thanks to a network of choice partners, ExpertCloud's expertise and quality services are offered around the world. Services Informatiques SL is an ExpertCloud subsidiary that has positioned itself as a firm in the deployment and maintenance of technology infrastructures.


Teklach offers comprehensive computer services for event promoters, from installing wireless networks to leasing computers, as well as ensuring direct contact with an expert at all times. A simple and structured approach combined with expertise in the use of cutting edge technologies produces innovative solutions to help propel events to the highest level.

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