NXP Extends Virtualization to the Edge of the Network

Leveraging Industry’s Broadest Portfolio of 64-bit ARM® Processors, NXP Platform Delivers Benefits of Virtualization for the Cloud-Edge and Customer Premises


BERLIN, June 22, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (OPNFV Summit 2016) – NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ:NXPI) today introduced the industry’s first ARM Cortex®-based system solution to extend virtualization beyond the data center, throughout the network and all the way to end user premises equipment and appliances with a single compatible software/silicon platform. The introduction of NXP’s QorIQ NFV platform signals a new era of network efficiency, security and service agility.

NXP’s QorIQ NFV solution leverages the industry’s broadest portfolio of 64-bit ARM v8-based LS-series processors, spanning from 9.6mm x 9.6mm SoCs running at 1 W typical power, up to eight-core SoCs with 64-bit ARM Cortex-A72 cores running at 2 GHz and delivering up to 100 Gbps of performance at under 40 W of power. NXP complements these devices with software based on the OPNFV Brahmaputra release with industry standard components like OpenStack, OpenDayLight, KVM, Docker, DPDK, ODP and OVS, which enable customers to seamlessly migrate their applications from the data center to the network’s edge. In addition, the LS1088 and LS2088 processors provide support to offload the entire virtual switching and service-chaining into programmable hardware engines, freeing up the ARM cores to run a much larger density of virtual network functions. These NXP solutions support a range of use cases and can be deployed in a wide variety of form factors including thin/thick clients, network appliances or micro-servers.

The solution provides a highly scalable and efficient virtualization platform, featuring exceptional performance, power and price propositions for targeted applications. This standards-compliant offering allows customers to quickly deploy services throughout the network, combining the right balance of virtual network infrastructure offload with general purpose ARM® v8 64-bit compute performance, while maintaining compatibility with a single standard software ecosystem from the data-center to the network.

“NXP understands that virtualization holds tremendous promise outside the cloud,” said Noy Kucuk, vice president of product development for NXP’s Digital Networking business line. “For network operators, virtualization can boost network efficiency, security and service agility while reducing power consumption and lowering operation costs. And for carriers, fully virtualized networks can dramatically boost end user satisfaction by supporting the rapid delivery of a range of new and differentiated services on next-generation broadband gateways and customer premise equipment powered by highly virtualized silicon/software platforms.”

The extension of virtualization beyond the cloud presents significant growth opportunities. For example, research firm IHS Infonetics predicts the service provider NFV market will grow from $950M in 2014 to $11.6B in 2019, representing a 2014-2019 CAGR of 65 percent.

Applications and Technical Details
Compatible with emerging standards for virtual network functions (VNF) and management and operations (MANO) technology, NXP’s QorIQ NFV platform is based on OPNFV software developed through the Linux Foundation. Target applications for NXP’s QorIQ NFV platform include: customer premises equipment (vCPE and Business vE-CPE) as well as cloud edge equipment (vPE, vEPC, vRAN, vBRAS).

The QorIQ NFV solution is comprised of:

  • Standard Hardware Platforms
    • QorIQ LS-series processors: LS1043, LS1046, LS1088 and LS2088 – 4 to 8 ARMv8 cores + virtual networking
  • Standard Linux Distribution
    • CentOS 7 with UEFI
  • Standard Virtualization components
    • KVM v2.2, QEMU v2.5, Docker v1.11
  • Standard Orchestration and Management
    • OP-NFV Brahmaputra release: OpenDayLight, OpenStack
  • Standard API and libraries
    • DPDK 16.04, ODP v1.4, OVS 2.5, Virtio
  • Virtual Network Functions
    • vFirewall, vNAT, vRouter, vVPN
    • 3rd Party VNF for DPI.
  • Out-of-the-Box Experience
    • Benchmarks, User-guide, Documentation

NXP is demonstrating the QorIQ NFV solution at the OPNFV Summit in Berlin, June 20-23, 2016.

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