Avaya Networking and Inocybe Set a New Benchmark for Scalability to Support Internet of Things

Avaya With Inocybe Demonstrate an Open, SDN Architecture Capable of Managing and Securing up to 168,000 Devices

BILLERICA, MA--(Marketwired - June 29, 2016) - Avaya today announced it has blown through what's considered the 'normal' limits of scalability for an open, standards-based SDN architecture. Along with Inocybe Technologies, a pure-play OpenDaylight company, Avaya has successfully demonstrated that its SDN Fx™ network architecture can support up to 168,000 devices.

The live test, completed in the company's Billerica labs, offers positive implications for the future of Internet of Things (IoT) deployments for businesses and organizations: According to Gartner, businesses will have more than 7 billion IoT devices connected by 2020; however, current limits on scalability, security and manageability present challenges for many industries, such as healthcare, financial services, and industrial controls. More devices increase management complexity and pose possible threat entry points for unauthorized access that can wreak havoc with critical network functions and data.

Using the Avaya SDN Fx architecture and its Open Network Adapter (ONA), the test demonstrated that scalability, security and manageability can successfully coexist within an open, standards-based environment that also offers the flexibility and interoperability needed for the future of IoT. This demonstration is based on deployments of Avaya SDN Fx Healthcare solution in preparation for expansions to 10,000's of devices.

Neela Jacques, Executive Director of the OpenDaylight Project said,

"To our knowledge, this is the largest scaling ODL architecture being implemented in the market today. Avaya and Inocybe's approach demonstrates OpenDaylight's capabilities and maturity as a scalable networking and IoT platform."

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Inocybe's commercial turn-key OpenDaylight platform runs the SDN control of Avaya's SDN Fx IoT architecture and offers the following management capabilities:

  • Advanced network segmentation to reduce catastrophic breaches.
  • Automate more secure on-boarding of new devices.
  • Manage inventory of thousands of devices.
  • Assign flow priority by device and traffic type.

The Avaya IoT architecture is designed in three levels to enable maximum scalability, security and manageability:

  • First, an individual ODL instance is enabled to support up to 660 multi-protocol (Openflow and NetConf) virtual switches -- in this case, the Avaya ONA. Each edge switch port connects to a virtual switch (the ONA) that connects to an IoT device to be managed.
  • Second, multiple paired instances of Avaya's ODL controller act as a cluster behind a load balancer, provided by KEMP Technologies, which allows the cluster to be viewed as a single entity by IoT devices.[255 limit x 660 = 168,300]
  • Third, a distributed main-memory database and messaging bus allows the SDN solution to provide real-time data replication and consistency across different applications and services for a single control path failover; thus, creating a highly available environment where IoT devices can reconnect to ODL in a near transparent fashion.

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"Clients often come to us because their current technologies do not support the innovation and flexibility they need. What the Avaya project has demonstrated is that OpenDaylight is the right platform to build a robust IoT security and management platform."
-Mathieu Lemay, CEO, Inocybe Technologies

"It's one thing to connect thousands of devices to a network; it's another to make sure there's the security and manageability required by businesses. This is beyond connections, but eliminating the compromise between large scale deployments, security, and management. Based on our test, businesses can be confident that ODL is a solid, practical foundation for SDN deployments intended to support the future of IoT."
--Liam Kiely, vice president, Avaya Networking

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