BERLIN, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Jun 30, 2016) - PubNative, a mobile monetization platform that enables app publishers to execute and enhance their revenue strategy through native ad formats, announced the launch of a mobile native mediation solution that allows publishers to more effectively leverage their mobile-specific audience segmentation. Publishers can now segment audiences on a highly-granular level and tailor advertising campaigns to best suit each segment, maximizing revenue and advertising relevance.

This native mediation solution provides unified access to an extensive selection of native demand sources including Facebook. It is built to work seamlessly with its mobile-specific user segmentation options, enabling mobile publishers to customise the ad-delivery by criteria such as country, platform and demographics; as well as by more advanced criteria including user profiles based on app usage, engagement and behaviour.

According to Tao Li, CEO of APUS, a leading Android developer, increased engagement and improved customer experience are among the most important benefits of the real-time user personalization. "We have more than 920 million users worldwide and they are characterized by diverse interests and behaviors. Also, our apps support multiple ad placements and formats where users can interact with them. With PubNative's help, we can analyze our data to better understand our users and deliver relevant and engaging advertising to each of them."

By utilizing the most granular level of segmentation available and the most extensive aggregation of demand, publishers are seeing superior results in both CPMs and fill rates. "PubNative's mediation solution allows us to gain unified access to an extremely wide array of native demand sources," said Alex Madsen, revenue marketer at Betternet. "Integrating non-intrusive native advertising has always been a priority for us, and we are now sure to receive the best possible yield for our placements."

Previously, this level of integration for monetization technologies was only available to early innovators; PubNative's solution is democratizing this technology and diminishing the barrier to entry for mobile publishers who require more relevant, bespoke advertising solutions.

"PubNative is currently the only player in the native mobile display space offering such a granular and advanced segmentation," says Ionut Ciobotaru, Managing Director and Co-Founder of PubNative. "We're operating at the crossroads of monetization and analytics, where publishers will earn the most revenue."

Current clients include VPN provider Betternet, which serves 40 million users; APUS, a leading Android developer with over 920 million users; and 4shared, which has 30 million daily active users.

About PubNative
PubNative is a mobile monetization platform that enables app publishers to execute and enhance their revenue strategy through native ad formats. Via its proprietary mediation solution and programmatic exchange, the platform provides extensive tools for managing the most comprehensive global mobile native demand. The company is headquartered in Berlin with offices in San Francisco, Seoul and Beijing.

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