NEW ORLEANS, LA--(Marketwired - Jul 5, 2016) - Mio Global, known for the most accurate wrist-based heart rate technology, announces at the NSCA National Conference its partnership with FieldWiz, a strategy analysis and physical performance measuring tool for outdoor sports. The FieldWiz tracking device now synchronizes with Mio LINK heart rate + activity tracker, completely eliminating the need for a chest strap. 

Mio Global's collaboration with FieldWiz will allow players to track heart rate through a comfortable wristband, while also monitoring distance, speed, and acceleration on the field through FieldWiz's unique GPS tracking technology. This partnership marks a major evolution in field sports, such as lacrosse and soccer, as teams can now easily analyze and compare metrics such as maximum velocity, heart rate, and areas covered on the field (heat-mapping) to optimize training. The combined data can help reduce the risk of injury and streamline overall efficiency. Additionally, both the Mio LINK and FieldWiz devices are water and sport resistant, holding up in extreme training conditions to deliver consistent insights.

"We are excited to partner with FieldWiz to provide an accurate wrist-based wearable as an alternative hardware solution to heart rate monitor chest straps," said Liz Dickinson, Founder and CEO of Mio Global. "By combining Mio Heart Rate Technology with this innovative strategy analysis and physical performance measuring tool, athletes will now be able to train comfortably, while still acquiring the data needed to analyze sessions and improve performance."

Together, Mio Global and FieldWiz will provide outdoor sports teams with the tools needed to create and exceed training goals. Visit booth 316 at the NSCA National Conference July 6th to 9th in New Orleans to be among the first to view the new team training solution, or visit for more information.

About Mio Global:
Mio Global engineers fitness wearables to empower consumers with the data and insights to improve their training and health. A recognized pioneer in sport and fitness technology with distribution around the world, Mio is known for its industry-leading heart rate monitor technology. The company was founded in 1999 by CEO Liz Dickinson, a visionary in the fitness technology sector who holds numerous patents. Early on, Dickinson recognized the need for a new approach to accurate heart rate monitoring for a future without bulky and uncomfortable chest straps -- as well as the potential in emerging wearable technology. Today, Mio offers a range of heart rate monitoring watches and wristbands including award-winning wearables such as Mio ALPHA 2, Mio FUSE, Mio LINK, and is launching additional breakthrough technologies including PAI - Personal Activity Intelligence app and metric. For more information, visit

About FieldWiz:
FieldWiz is a strategy and physical performance measuring tool for outdoor team sports players. It is a standalone device worn on a player's back to collect statistics, which are synchronized at the end of the game or practice with any mobile device via Bluetooth.

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