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Majestic IPC Prepares for 2016 Promotion

BATON ROUGE, LA--(Marketwired - Jul 7, 2016) - Majestic Integrated Promotion Consultants has made great strides since opening their office in Baton Rouge in February. Having quickly risen to one of the top offices in the nation for production from inside their fortune 500 retail partners, employees at Majestic IPC have proven themselves to be experts in local brand management and product expansion. Baton Rouge Market Manager, Kenneth Munoz, has conveyed the company's most recent expansion goals, stating that Majestic IPC will be promoting 3 additional Market Managers by the end of 2016.

Having started with the company at entry level, Munoz had to work his way to management through Majestic IPC's corporate training program which trains employees in areas such as business development, sales and marketing strategy, teambuilding, and communications. As a manager, Munoz never asks employees to do a task he wouldn't do himself. He stated, "My secret for success is being well trained on answering any questions and building relationships. Most importantly, I maintain a positive mindset, seeing what others would call a negative as a positive learning experience that I can share with my team." Working in the field side-by-side with his employees at Majestic IPC, Munoz demonstrates and unparalleled drive to help his company and his employees reach lasting success.

At the Southeastern Leadership Conference hosted in Atlanta this June, Munoz proudly announced the promotion of long-time colleague and mentee, Terry Keohavong, to Market Manager. As a Market Manager, Keohavong's main duties will be assisting Munoz with the expansion of the business by attracting, retaining, and developing top talent from across the state of Louisiana. When asked why he decided to promote Keohavong, Munoz asserted, "He opened up the Baton Rouge office with me, worked with me, and helped me to build this office from the ground up, proving himself to be a great business partner." Through his results based work ethic, Keohavong has demonstrated the ability to duplicate himself by training others to be experts in Majestic IPC's clientele. Munoz stated, "Terry is really great at mentoring others and developing others the way he was developed."

For the future, Munoz remarked that Team Supervisor, Raaheen Quinn, is well on his way to following in Keohavong's footsteps as the company's next promotion this year. When asked why the company only believes in promotion from within, Munoz asserted, "I am motivated by the opportunity to climb up the corporate ladder and I just want to help others along the way." By bringing his staff to conferences like the Atlanta Leadership Expo, Munoz promotes networking with other marketing and leadership pros from across the nation. Firmly believing the statement, "your network determines your net worth," Munoz strives to give his employees every opportunity to get a step ahead in the game.

He called the conference a mutual learning opportunity, stating, "I came to Atlanta for the conference 2 years ago, and completely changed my trajectory in the business. Hearing from national consultants and top marketing reps from across the nation showed me how much our Baton Rouge organization could grow." And grow is exactly what Majestic IPC is doing. The company has recently announced plans to add on even more additional man power in the third quarter. For more information about career and growth opportunities at the firm, visit them online at

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