LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 7, 2016) - HYPERICE, a global recovery and movement enhancement technology company, today announces SOLUTIONS by HYPERICE. The new instructional platform is designed to be a free resource to educate customers, trainers, fitness experts and athletes on how and why they should warm up, train, treat and recover. SOLUTIONS videos feature Tyler Wallace, an expert in the movement science field, Chief Product Officer of Fusionetics, and Former Director of Performance Recovery with the Phoenix Suns. The instructional videos focus on all areas of warm up and recovery, with more expected to be added over time.

"Over the last four years, HYPERICE has created a set of recovery and movement enhancement tools using innovative technology and design. With the SOLUTIONS platform, we want to educate people on how to utilize these tools by explaining why and when to use them -- because the sequence of your warm up and recovery is just as important as your workout," said HYPERICE Founder, Anthony Katz. "As a leader in recovery and injury prevention, we felt it was our duty to create content that demonstrates the best ways to take care of your body before and after a workout. The more we can educate people on how to move and feel better, the more effective SOLUTIONS by HYPERICE will be."

SOLUTIONS by HYPERICE videos feature Tyler Wallace (PES, CES). As the Chief Product Officer of Fusionetics and the former Director of Performance Recovery with the Phoenix Suns, Wallace shares his expertise in five minute tutorials like Low Back Pain, Shoulder Warmup, Running Warmup, and Preventing ACL injury, as well as sport-specific videos like Golf, Soccer, Tennis and Basketball Warmups. Additional video content includes stretching and mobility exercises using HYPERICE's VYPER (fitness roller) and HYPERSPHERE (massage ball).

"Having spent more than 15 years focused on solutions that help people decrease injury, optimize performance, and enhance recovery, I'm excited to share my insight in the SOLUTIONS by HYPERICE series," said Tyler Wallace. "Consumers and athletes put a lot of stress on their bodies every day, which is why we're offering easy-to-follow tutorials to help them repair daily wear and tear and improve mobility."

With a mission to provide athletes with a set of tools that improve performance by accelerating recovery time, preventing injury, and enhancing the body's ability to move, SOLUTIONS by HYPERICE aligns perfectly with the company's role in the fitness and athlete community. HYPERICE products are developed and tested to meet the standards of the world's best athletes, and are currently used by both elite athletes and everyday fitness consumers in more than 60 countries worldwide.

To explore SOLUTIONS by HYPERICE, visit http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz-x7JvdyZMq5OZwQ2WPIRbIrrFtcEc7W.

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