SOLUTIONS 30 : Fourth nominal division of the share in 6 years



Split in two, followed by increase in nominal value of the share, effective from Alternext's market opening on Monday 25 July 2016

At SOLUTIONS 30 S.E.'s Extraordinary General Meeting which is to be held on 19 July, 2016, the company's Executive Board will propose a split in two of the nominal value of the company's shares. The nominal value will be split from 0.75 euro per share to 0.375 euro per share, at the same time doubling the number of shares from 10,220,258 to 20,440,516. In addition, share capital is expected to be increased from 2,759,469.66 euros by raising the nominal value of shares to 0.51 euro per share through an incorporation of reserves, taken from its current amount of 7,665,193.50 to 10,424,663.16 euros.
Two new shares at 0.51 euro in nominal value will therefore replace an old share at 0.75 euro in nominal value. This arrangement will be effective from Alternext's market opening on Monday 25 July 2016. The nominal split transaction will be carried out free of charge and formalities for SOLUTIONS 30 S.E's shareholders.
Commenting on this transaction, Gianbeppi Fortis, Chairman of the Executive Board, said: "Since May 2010, which is the period for SOLUTIONS 30's transfer from the Free Markets to Alternext, four split transactions have been needed to contain the share's face value in price fields that facilitate its accessibility and develop its market's liquidity. Over the last ten years, the SOLUTIONS 30 share has seen its price multiply by nearly 25."
"We are especially proud to have contributed towards building the European leader in new technologies through such value creation initiatives for our shareholders" added Karim Rachedi, the Group's Chief Operating Officer. 


Key dates:


Tuesday 26 July 2016: publication of Q2 2016 and H1 revenue.
Thursday, 29 September 2016: H1 2016 interim financial statements available online.
Thursday, 3 November 2016: publication of Q3 2016 revenue.
Monday 23 January 2017: publication of 2016 revenue.




The SOLUTIONS 30 Group (ex PC30) is Europe's leading provider of solutions for New Technologies. Its mission is to make the technological changes that transform our daily lives accessible to everyone, individuals and businesses alike: yesterday, computers and the Internet; today, digital; tomorrow, the technologies that will make the world ever more connected in real time. Since its founding, the Group has handled more than 8 million calls by drawing on a network of regional technicians. SOLUTIONS 30 currently covers the whole of France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
On 31 March 2016, the number of SOLUTIONS 30 S.E. was 10,193,956, identical to the number of theoretical and exercisable voting rights.

SOLUTIONS 30 S.E. is a European company with executive and supervisory boards, with share capital of €7,585.467

listed on the Alternext market - ISIN FR0010263335 - code ALS30, eligible for the PEA-PME share savings plan.

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