MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwired - Jul 8, 2016) - Champion Promotions (CP) http://championpromotionsinc.com/, the premier in-store sales and marketing firm, held their annual regional conference in Lombard, IL this last week. There were over 530 representatives present, and they were able to network with a group of people that had the same goals and ambitions as themselves.

CP is an in-store Sales and Marketing firm with brand advocates who can consult and sell as they bring a collaborative attitude to every customer. This is a fast paced, dynamic environment and the go-to company for multi-dwelling unit customers. Primarily focusing on their award-winning management in training program that produces a highly skilled manager.

Attending this regional conference is something that CP leaders and representatives eagerly await on an annual basis. Having the knowledge about each and every advancement opportunity within CP is what our top leaders and representatives look forward to during this conference.

The Regional conference is set once a year to help expose the reps that are working in the field on a day-to-day basis -- enabling them to connect with 500 other people that share the same dreams and aspirations as they do.

Branch manager Josten Froats, who controls all day-to-day activities of CP, stated, "This regional meeting we hold for our representatives is ultimately giving them that road map of what it takes to get into a management position. We want every single person who joins our company to succeed. We strive to teach them how to grow, develop and ultimately fulfill their management capabilities to help our business."

Froats brought 15 of his best representatives to accompany him at regional meeting in Lombard, IL. It was held in the prestigious Westin Hotel. The most elite in the industry were speaking on the topics of leadership, management and national consulting.

Being a representative and qualifying for the regional meeting is a huge accomplishment. The steps employees go through are extensive -- initially they have to hit a leadership role. Froats believed the representatives he brought along would fulfill their business goals, management capabilities and improve their ability to train employees in the near future. "This meeting is set to inspire them and to enhance their satisfaction to grow into a management role and also to accelerate their advancements they have made thus far," Froats explains.

Assistant manager, Boniface Ogunti had the privilege of attending this meeting in Lombard, IL. Ogunti is CP's most recent assistant manager, possibly taking on this market here in Minneapolis, MN.

Ogunti's goals for the market in the Twin Cities are, "First and foremost I need to have a solid foundation and team. Being the number 1 office in the country is the ultimate goal but, that being said, there are a lot of steps it takes for this to become a reality. I am so excited to learn everything I can from my mentors and not only to expand in this business, but to keep growing as an individual as well," Ogunti says.

CP has big plans for the near future as this fourth quarter rolls up -- they are expanding into the Madison, WI area. Opening up a new branch and having a fresh manager in the playing field will only benefit the business. This company is on the go and ready for an innovative, positive environment.

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