VAN NUYS, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 8, 2016) - The marketing firm, Jazzy Management Group Inc., more commonly referred to as JMGI, has recently announced that the company will be expanding from their current location in Van Nuys into the Northern California market. As a direct marketing firm, employees at JMGI have differentiated themselves by creating a personalized experience for both clients and customers alike. This one-on-one approach has enabled the company to grow into areas such as Palm Springs. Market Manager, Jason Devlin, has plans for an even greater expansion as a result of JMGI's management training program, which was designed to enable employees to meet their goals of upward mobility through the company.

In July 2016, Devlin will be promoting Assistant Manager, Norris Spivey, to the Market Manager position over the new Northern California market. Devlin praised Spivey for his ability to develop individuals and build teams of effective marketing representatives. When asked about Spivey's rise to the top, Devlin shared Spivey's journey at JMGI, stating, "He helped us with a pilot test. He was a top performer and built a big team." Spivey's promotion demonstrates the results-focused atmosphere at JMGI that has helped them to be so successful.

Devlin has announced that JMGI plans to promote at least three additional offices by the end of 2016. Having started at entry level and worked their way to the top, managers like Devlin, Spivey, and Josiah Broadway consistently beat their competition because unlike so many other companies who hire outside management, JMGI's leadership core is based on hard-earned experience. The team at JMGI always puts their customers first from answering questions to building a strong relationship on behalf of their clients.

Recently, Devlin was asked to appear at the company's SoCal Regional Management Expo on building relationships. As a top manager and performer, Devlin represented JMGI's people-first strategy and the importance of cultivating a strong network. Devlin described the experience, saying, "Number one, it is always an honor to be chosen to speak anywhere, very humbling. It's really a joint accomplishment to get to speak because I am a representation of our organization as a whole." As a manager, Devlin attributes all of his success to the team he has built and the hard work that they have put in together to support their clients' needs.

Although Devlin is more of a co-partner and a coach than a traditional boss, moments like this give him the opportunity to demonstrate his knowledge and prove that his methods work. "Getting asked to speak at conferences like this one really allow me to show the guys I work with that the material I am giving them every day is legit."

Now that JMGI is looking to work with additional clients in the cellular industry, managers like Devlin are looking to bring in sharp new talent to help JMGI conquer their next relationship-building challenge. When asked about the individuals that JMGI will be interested in pursuing long-term relationships with, Devlin asserted that JMGI is looking for motivated entrepreneurs who aren't afraid to get their feet wet. For more information, visit JMGI online at

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