NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 11, 2016) -  Online publishers that use holistic yield management can expect more revenue, Smart AdServer announced today, citing extensive testing with publisher Régie E-Commerce's site Rue du Commerce. 

Holistic yield optimization made Rue du Commerce's inventory more visible to RTB buyers, the study found. Auctions, impressions and revenue all significantly increased, and -- importantly -- delivery of directly sold impressions remained stable. There was no delay in direct campaign delivery, which is essential not only for proper inventory management, but also for the maintenance of relationships between publishers and advertisers.

"The optimization of revenues is a key issue for us, but our priority is to respect our commitments with our direct sales advertisers by ensuring the delivery of their campaigns," said Régie E-Commerce Managing Director Jacques Hemmendinger. "Smart AdServer's holistic yield is an efficient solution to these needs and permits us to fine-tune our inventory sales strategy."

Holistic yield management is only possible using an integrated RTB and ad-serving platform. Smart AdServer analyzed the impact of its Holistic Yield Optimization Engine by closely monitoring the impact that RTB performance and direct campaign delivery had on revenue. It then had the results certified by BPA Worldwide, a media auditing company accredited by the US IAB for digital advertising vendor audit and certification. 

Over a four-day span, tests were performed on the Rue du Commerce site while three other Régie E-Commerce sites, TopAchat, m.rdc-mobile and Darty, were used for reference. Holistic yield increased auctions by 149%, impressions by 129%, and offered CPMs by 5%. Régie E-Commerce subsequently decided to roll out Smart AdServer's Holistic Yield Optimization Engine across all of its sites.

Régie E-Commerce, one of the top 12 online advertising networks in France, reaches 48% of online shoppers, and counts among its publishers e-commerce leaders such as Darty, Auchan and Conforama. Rue du Commerce, the focus of the test, is often ranked among the top 15 French e-commerce sites. Specializing in electronics products, it receives five million unique visitors per month.

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