SUDBURY, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - July 11, 2016) - Inventus Mining Corp. (TSX VENTURE:IVS) ("Inventus" or the "Company") is pleased to announce additional results from surface exploration at the recently identified Cobble Zone on its 100% owned Pardo property, located approximately 65km northeast of Sudbury, Ontario.

Channel sampling of six discrete outcrops has identified anomalous gold values occur in all the conglomerate units exposed along a strike length of approximately 500 meters. Continuous channel samples as long as 12 meters containing anomalous gold values and grab samples as high as 2.24 g/t gold were received, see comprehensive sample data Table 1 and Figure 1 for locations. Geological mapping at the Cobble Zone has revealed a large area with an indeterminate number of stacked conglomerate units dipping 15 to 48 degrees towards the south-west. Our geological interpretation of the area suggests continuity of the conglomerates towards the south and west under overlying sandstones (see Figure 2).

The Cobble Zone hosts by far the thickest series of stacked conglomerate units identified anywhere on the Pardo Project. Since drilling has not been conducted in the area and the closest drilling is more than 1.3 km from the Cobble Zone (see Figure 3), the area remains untested. The widespread low-grade gold mineralization suggests that if the Cobble Zone contains coarse boulder conglomerate, there is excellent potential to discover high-grade gold mineralization similar to that identified on the Pardo JV property to the north.

Application for a work permit on new claims added to the 100% Pardo property in May is in process. A 0.5 meter grab sample from this new area assayed 5.6 g/t (see May 25th, 2016 press release) and the Company plans more extensive sampling once the work permit is in place.

Inventus is also pleased to report that it has been accepted for the Junior Exploration Assistance Program (JEAP), sponsored by the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation and the Ontario Prospectors Association. Inventus applied for the JEAP program to assist in reducing costs incurred on its bulk sampling program on the Pardo JV Property. The JEAP program will provide Inventus with a grant to return funds to the company for 33.3% of approved eligible exploration expenditures up to a maximum refund of $100,000.

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About Inventus

Inventus is a mineral exploration company focused on the world class mining district of Sudbury, Ontario. Our principal asset is the Pardo Paleoplacer Gold Project located 65 km northeast of Sudbury. Pardo is the first important paleoplacer gold discovery found in the Americas. Inventus' significant share owners include Rob McEwen, Eric Sprott, Osisko Gold Royalties and management.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

The Qualified Person responsible for the geological technical content of this news release is Andy Bite, P.Geo., who has reviewed and approved the technical disclosure in this news release on behalf of the Company.

The Company cautions that grab samples are selective by nature and may not be representative of the mineralized zone being sampled. The samples were transported in security sealed bags for preparation and assay at Act Labs located in Sudbury, Ontario. Activation Laboratories Ltd. is an ISO 17025 registered laboratory. The samples reported were crushed in their entirety, with a 1kg split then pulverized. One 50 g aliquot of the pulp was cut out and fire assayed. In instances where the sample exceeds 3 g/t, the sample is re-run with a gravimetric finish and the gravimetric result is reported. The Company inserts a certified reference standard or an analytical blank in every batch of 20 samples. Validation parameters are established in the database to ensure quality control.

Forward-looking information

Statements in this release that are forward-looking statements are subject to various risks and uncertainties concerning the specific factors disclosed under the heading "Risk Factors" in the Corporation's filings with Canadian securities regulators. Such information contained herein represents management's best judgment as of the date hereof based on information currently available. The Corporation does not assume any obligation to update any forward-looking statements, save and except as may be required by applicable securities laws.

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Table 1. 2016 Channel Sampling Results

Area Channel ID Length (m) Au (g/t)
Trench A CH-16-01 2.0 0.72
Trench A CH-16-01(2) 2.0 0.63
Trench A CH-16-02 1.8 1.12
Trench A CH-16-02(2) 1.8 1.15
Trench A CH-16-03 2.0 0.71
Trench A CH-16-05 1.5 0.99
Trench A CH-16-06 1.0 0.12
Trench B CH-16-07 1.6 0.13
Trench C CH-16-08 2.5 0.31
Trench C CH-16-09 0.5 0.24
Trench C CH-16-10 0.4 0.28
Trench C CH-16-11 1.5 0.18
Trench C CH-16-12 3.5 0.47
Trench C CH-16-13 1.5 0.05
Trench C CH-16-14 5.5 0.32
Trench C CH-16-15 12.0 0.22
Trench D CH-16-16 5.95 0.28
Trench D CH-16-17 0.5 0.19
Trench D CH-16-18 0.5 0.09
Trench D CH-16-19 5.5 0.24
Trench E CH-16-20 1.0 0.27
Trench E CH-16-21 2.25 0.14
Trench F CH-16-22 4.5 0.05
Trench F CH-16-23 4.0 0.02
Trench F CH-16-24 5.0 0.01
Trench F CH-16-25 2.0 0.03
Trench F CH-16-26 1.0 0.02
Trench F CH-16-27 2.0 0.01
Trench F CH-16-28 1.0 0.04
Trench F CH-16-29 2.5 0.07
Trench F CH-16-30 2.0 0.07
Trench F CH-16-31 2.0 0.11
Trench F CH-16-32 4.5 0.07
Trench F CH-16-33 1.0 1.06
Trench F CH-16-34 3.2 0.35
Trench F CH-16-35 3.8 0.16
2016 Grab and Channel Samples (reported on May 25, 2016)
Location Type Gold g/t
Trench B Channel 0.5m 2.24
Trench B Grab 1.84
Trench B Grab 1.17
Trench B Grab 0.89
Trench E Grab 0.87
Trench B Grab 0.58
Trench B Channel 0.5m 0.52
Trench B Grab 0.5
2012 Grab Samples from the Cobble Zone
Type Gold g/t
Grab 0.24
Grab 0.51
Grab 0.78

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