BEDFORD, MA--(Marketwired - Jul 12, 2016) - Diversified Technologies, Inc. (DTI) has introduced a new coreless transformer UV light source system (US Patent 9,334,177 B1) that outperforms existing linear-lamp-type UV disinfection units.

The DTI Coreless Transformer UV Light Source System is a new high-intensity method of producing UV light which will far outperform linear-lamp-type UV disinfection units in terms of overall lifetime, electrical efficiency, dollars-per-watt of UV, and total cost of ownership. It incorporates a bulb that includes a predetermined amount of an element which efficiently emits UV light when excited to a high current plasma state.

This sealed-bulb, pulsed, air-core, RF powered DTI Coreless Transformer UV Light Source System provides the plasma density and temperature required to optimally excite noble gas and noble gas/Hg mixtures. Permitting very high pressure and power density (1.5 MW peak, 500kHz, < 5% duty cycle), greater than transformer-type coupled lamps, it should allow a lamp system with 50 kW electrical input and a germicidal optical efficiency nearing 50%, which far exceeds traditional linear electrode based mercury lamp systems.

The DTI Coreless Transformer UV Light Source System will permit more compact and efficient sanitizing systems. The firm seeks to license this technology.

About Diversified Technologies, Inc.

Diversified Technologies, Inc. is the developer and marketer of the PowerMod™ line of high voltage, high power pulse modulators, DC power supplies, and control systems. The firm's products are used worldwide in high power applications such as radar, high energy physics, defense, and food processing.

Selected several times by "R&D Magazine" as one of the 100 most significant products of the year, DTI's PowerMod™ systems are available in a wide range of voltage, current, and performance configurations.

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