REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 12, 2016) - Interana, the leader in behavioral analytics for the digital economy, today announced that is has expanded its relationship with Imgur, as well as with Flowroute and BloomBoard. While initially selecting Interana for its ease of use, scalability and cost effectiveness, Imgur, an online image-sharing community, has been impressed with Interana's ability to provide a real-time, 360-degree look at user behavior, which in turn has delivered an insightful and actionable growth engine and lead-gen tool for its organization. As a result, Imgur has extended use of Interana to more than 35 percent of its employees.

"We underwent quite an exhaustive search for a big-data solution that could manage all of our needs -- a user-friendly platform with the ability to scale to billions of events per week," said Jonathan Greenglass, head of finance and operations at Imgur. "Initially, we were drawn to Interana's responsiveness and flexibility. Now that we've seen Interana's full potential, we're eager to begin using it more widely across the organization, in particular within our marketing and product groups, to further explore the behaviors of our users and to help enhance our overall customer experience."

A December 2015 report from IDC estimates the market for big data/analytics services and technology will grow by nearly 25 percent in the next three years, with annual spend expected to reach almost $50 billion by 2019. Imgur's extension of Interana's behavioral exploration solution to more of its knowledge workers is further proof of this industry trend.

Organizations of all sizes are increasingly adopting behavioral exploration as a core element of their digital transformation and overall digital business strategy. As companies look to invent or re-invent their business models in order to keep up with the pace of innovation in the digital economy, a self-service behavioral exploration solution that provides access to all roles across the business is a must. Knowledge workers who are making digital transformation possible can no longer be bogged down by static dashboards, pre-defined metrics and analytical silos, while relying on overburdened data teams to answer pertinent, everyday questions.

"The keys to exploring behavioral analytics should not be kept by just data scientists or the most data-savvy members of an organization. This is why we designed, and continue to improve, Interana's self-service solution to allow users across all roles, be they marketers, product developers or sales leaders, to take behavioral data exploration into their own hands, creating data equality and equity throughout the entire business," said Ann Johnson, CEO, Interana. "We're impressed and humbled by how our customers continue to evolve and expand their use of Interana in today's digital economy to uncover unique and impactful behavioral insights to grow their business and increase their bottom line. It's a very exciting time for behavioral analytics."

For more information on how Imgur is using Interana, you can download the case study here.

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Interana empowers users across digital economy businesses such as Microsoft, Tinder, Sonos and Imgur in roles from product, growth, marketing, UX, sales, support and content to routinely and interactively explore real behavior to inform everything they do. Interana is all in one software that replays massive volumes of events across large populations of actors to answer virtually any behavioral question through an interactive visual interface married to a blindingly fast, scalable and distributed proprietary back end.

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