BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited ("BlackRock Canada"), an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of BlackRock, Inc. (NYSE:BLK), today announced the July 2016 cash distributions for the iShares ETFs listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange which pay on a monthly basis. Unitholders of record of a fund on July 26, 2016 will receive cash distributions payable in respect of that fund on July 29, 2016.

Details regarding the "per unit" distribution amounts are as follows:

Fund Name Fund Ticker Cash Distribution Per Unit ($)
iShares Balanced Income CorePortfolio™ Index ETF CBD 0.06790
CBD.A 0.04147
iShares 1-10 Year Laddered Corporate Bond Index ETF CBH 0.06192
CBH.A 0.05246
iShares Balanced Growth CorePortfolio™ Index ETF CBN 0.04340
CBN.A 0.02398
iShares 1-5 Year Laddered Corporate Bond Index ETF CBO 0.04879
CBO.A 0.03987
iShares S&P®/TSX® Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Index ETF CDZ 0.08590
CDZ.A 0.06948
iShares Equal Weight Banc & Lifeco ETF CEW 0.02600
CEW.A 0.03250
iShares U.S. High Yield Fixed Income Index ETF (CAD-Hedged) CHB 0.09323
CHB.A 0.08432
iShares 1-5 Year Laddered Government Bond Index ETF CLF 0.04563
CLF.A 0.03659
iShares 1-10 Year Laddered Government Bond Index ETF CLG 0.05074
CLG.A 0.04128
iShares S&P/TSX Canadian Preferred Share Index ETF CPD 0.05609
CPD.A 0.05033
iShares Short Duration High Income ETF (CAD-Hedged) CSD 0.07424
CSD.A 0.06538
iShares US Dividend Growers Index ETF (CAD-Hedged) CUD 0.05168
CUD.A 0.03052
iShares Convertible Bond Index ETF CVD 0.07241
CVD.A 0.06298
iShares Global Monthly Dividend Index ETF (CAD-Hedged) CYH 0.05609
CYH.A 0.05198
iShares Canadian Financial Monthly Income ETF FIE 0.04000
FIE.A 0.04000
iShares Canadian Universe Bond Index ETF XBB 0.07214
iShares Canadian Corporate Bond Index ETF XCB 0.05622
iShares Canadian Select Dividend Index ETF XDV 0.08425
iShares J.P. Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond Index ETF (CAD-Hedged) XEB 0.06305
iShares Core S&P/TSX Composite High Dividend Index ETF XEI 0.07936
iShares S&P/TSX Capped Financials Index ETF XFN 0.09174
iShares Floating Rate Index ETF XFR 0.01325
iShares Canadian Government Bond Index ETF XGB 0.04528
iShares Canadian HYBrid Corporate Bond Index ETF XHB 0.07424
iShares U.S. High Dividend Equity Index ETF (CAD-Hedged) XHD 0.05919
iShares U.S. High Dividend Equity Index ETF XHU 0.04875
iShares U.S. High Yield Bond Index ETF (CAD-Hedged) XHY 0.09227
iShares U.S. IG Corporate Bond Index ETF (CAD-Hedged) XIG 0.05941
iShares Core Canadian Long Term Bond Index ETF XLB 0.07032
iShares S&P/TSX North American Preferred Stock Index ETF (CAD-Hedged) XPF 0.07780
iShares Core High Quality Canadian Bond Index ETF XQB 0.04617
XQB.A 0.03621
iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index ETF XRE 0.06682
iShares Canadian Short Term Bond Index ETF XSB 0.05511
iShares Conservative Short Term Strategic Fixed Income ETF XSC 0.05381
iShares Conservative Strategic Fixed Income ETF XSE 0.06638
iShares Core Canadian Short Term Corporate + Maple Bond Index ETF XSH 0.04959
iShares Short Term Strategic Fixed Income ETF XSI 0.05195
iShares Core Short Term High Quality Canadian Bond Index ETF XSQ 0.03687
iShares Diversified Monthly Income ETF XTR 0.05000
iShares S&P/TSX Capped Utilities Index ETF XUT 0.06560

Estimated July Cash Distributions for the iShares Premium Money Market ETF

The July cash distributions per unit for the iShares Premium Money Market ETF are estimated to be as follows:

Fund Name Fund Ticker Estimated Cash Distribution Per Unit ($)
iShares Premium Money Market ETF CMR 0.02373
CMR.A 0.00800

BlackRock Canada expects to issue a press release on or about July 25, 2016, which will provide the final amounts for the iShares Premium Money Market ETF.

Further information on the iShares Funds can be found at

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1 Based on US$4.737 trillion in AUM as of 3/31/16.

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