JEFFERSON, SD--(Marketwired - July 14, 2016) - US Federal Contractor Registration client St. Andrew's Asian Carp Removal, a service-disabled veteran-owned small business, provides remediation services targeting the invasive Asian carp, which the company then converts into liquid fish fertilizer.

The invasive Asian carp can cause irrevocable harm to ecosystems. Black carp feed on mussels and snails; grass carp can affect plants, invertebrates, and fish; and silver carp feed on plankton that larval fish and mussels otherwise would eat.

St. Andrew's Asian Carp Removal has, for the last year, developed proprietary methods of addressing, removing, and disposing of Asian Carp in the Missouri River. The company has provided these remediation services in South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska.

"We are the only company providing these necessary services," said Gregg Hochderffer, the company's CEO and Manager. "As we grow, we also plan to provide a full suite of related services, including river ecosystem education, supplemental emergency response, training support for National Guard units, and river trash removal."

Along with the ways in which Asian carp can wreak havoc on the Missouri River's ecosystem, Hochderffer said that the fish species can affect boaters, given the fish's ability to jump out of the river, sometimes as high as six feet – and often in large numbers, especially when a boat passes over them or nearby.

"Asian carp will continue to be a major problem until the fish are brought under control," said Hochderffer. "This requires year-round fishing operations, which we provide."

Eric Knellinger, president of US Federal Contractor Registration, called St. Andrew's Asian Carp Removal "revolutionary."

"St. Andrew's Asian Carp Removal and its unique and revolutionary services embody what I believe to be true about small businesses – they are better positioned to provide these types of niche services than a larger business that provides a number of services or products," said Knellinger. "Innovation comes from a number of sources, including, in this case, St. Andrew's Asian Carp Removal. The residents along the Missouri River, and the federal government, benefit by having this company involved in addressing this invasive species of fish."

As for working with US Federal Contractor Registration, Hochderffer saluted the company for its high-quality services and responsiveness, and he singled out his acquisition specialist Johnathan Manness.

"Johnathan Manness and his colleagues at USFCR have provided quick and professional support," said Hochderffer. "I am very pleased with their assistance in getting my company registered as a federal contractor, and with helping me launch a new website."

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For more information about St. Andrew's Asian Carp Removal contact Gregg Hochderffer, CEO/Manager, at 712-490-0147, or email him at Find out more about the company at

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