LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - July 14, 2016) - The banking sector this year has been awash with change. Virtually unrecognisable from that of a few short years ago, this is a new era for banking: one in which the customer lies at the heart of every decision and sustainability rather than profitability is key. The latest issue of World Finance delves into the current crop of banking's greats and asks what we can expect of this new breed of banking.

As much as markets have regained a foothold this past year, stability rests in large part on the banking sector. A threefold commitment to customer service, compliance and innovation has empowered a sector on the receiving end of an economic downturn and given reason to believe the global economy is on the upsurge.

In the new banking issue of World Finance we scour the globe for the names that have truly set their markets alight and the ones that have not only exceeded expectations but delivered where others have failed. In it, the World Finance research team, using their knowledge and the input of readers, has arrived at which individuals and institutions are deserving of this year's World Finance Banking Awards.

The banking issue of World Finance includes the best of the best in private banking, investment banking, commercial banking, retail banking, central banking and banking groups, and offers an insight into where these sectors are headed. The banking awards supplement, included alongside the magazine, details this year's winners in full and offers key insights into all corners of the banking domain.

Elsewhere in World Finance, we investigate China's long awaited shale gas boom, Asia's water crisis, US free trade policies and the controversy gripping Nigeria's oil industry.

For an in-depth look at the latest stories in business and finance, read the latest issue of World Finance, available online and in print now.

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