MANCHESTER, N.H., July 14, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SoldierStrong has announced that it is working with Mobius Bionics LLC to provide the LUKE arm to veterans who have suffered upper limb loss. This groundbreaking prosthetic arm offers upper-limb amputees greater independence and vastly improved functionality over traditional prostheses.  

SoldierStrong is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing advanced medical technologies to veterans. The organization plans to purchase LUKE arms for amputee veterans, and seeks individual and corporate donations to support this effort. To help SoldierStrong meet its goal, please visit or

The LUKE arm was developed by DEKA Research & Development Corp. with funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). It is the first prosthetic arm cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the new product category for integrated prosthetic arms. The LUKE arm incorporates the latest technology in electronics, motors, batteries, and materials.  The arm offers state-of-the-art flexibility, strength, and dexterity to provide greater independence for people with forearm- through shoulder-level amputations.

“We developed the LUKE arm to change the game for amputees – creating an innovative, integrated system that offers greater functionality and independence to our wounded warriors and other amputees. We are excited to support SoldierStrong’s efforts to help provide the LUKE arm to veterans,” explained Dean Kamen, President of DEKA.

SoldierStrong’s co-founder and Chairman, Chris Meek, stated, "SoldierStrong is adding the LUKE arm to our expanding range of medical devices that we’re delivering to veterans. We are excited to support our veterans with upper-limb amputations by providing them with LUKE arms so that they can function more independently and have an improved quality of life.”

About Mobius Bionics LLC

Mobius Bionics is an innovative new medical device company focused on bringing advanced prosthetic technologies, such as the LUKE arm, to upper-limb amputees. Fueled by years of research-driven product development, the Mobius Bionics team brings together extensive experience in delivering pioneering medical technologies to market.

To learn more about Mobius Bionics LLC or the LUKE arm, call 855-MOBIUS-1 (855-662-4871) or visit

About SoldierStrong

SoldierStrong is committed to ensuring our veterans who have sacrificed physical ability in service to the nation have access to the most advanced medical technologies science can provide.  As service members, these men and women had access to the best warfighting technology we could provide.  SoldierStrong is committed to continuing this commitment on the homefront.

SoldierStrong was founded in 2009 to provide basic necessities such as baby wipes, socks and sunscreen to American Service members fighting for our country on the front lines in Afghanistan and Iraq. As more of these troops return home, SoldierStrong continues to assist our nation's heroes in re-acclimating to civilian life by providing the most advanced medical technology available, and by offering scholarships for colleges and trade schools for those who wish to continue public service as private citizens.

To support SoldierStrong in its efforts to provide the LUKE arm and other services to veterans across the United States, please visit its website at

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