Comptel Corporation, Stock Exchange Release 15 July 2016 at 3 PM EET


Comptel announces preliminary information about the second quarter and the first half of 2016.


Key figures for the second quarter of 2016:

·      Net sales EUR 25.3 million (April - June 2015: 21.7), growth 16.3%

·      Operating result EUR 3.0 million (0.6), growth 428.5%

·      Operating result of net sales 11.7% (2.6)

·      Net profit EUR 2.3 million (0.3), growth 581.7%


Key figures for the first half of 2016:

·      Net sales EUR 47.7 million (H1 2015: 42.7), growth 11.7%

·      Operating result EUR 4.7 million (2.1), growth 130.0%

·      Operating result of net sales 9.9% (4.8)

·      Net profit EUR 3.1 million (0.6), growth 397.4%


The results do not include the Indian tax authorities decisions on tax refunds due to refund procedure being unfinished. 


Simultaneously Comptel specifies the outlook for 2016. Previous guidance was: 

“Comptel expects the 2016 net sales to continue to grow and operating profit to be in the range of 8–14% of revenue.”


Specified guidance is: 

“Comptel expects the 2016 net sales to continue to grow and operating profit to be in the range of 9–14% of revenue.”


The numbers presented are unaudited and preliminary numbers for the period.

Comptel will publish its interim report for January-June on Tuesday 9th of August at 08.00.




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