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NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 18, 2016) - She is the girl-next-door with "connections" and whether you are a techie or not, you are definitely in a safe zone if you subscribe to the tech podcast "Katie < dot > Show" (www.katie.show), hosted and produced by the Emmy award-winning tech expert Katie Linendoll. Since the spring launch of her podcast on Apple's iTunes, Linendoll's show has ranked as high as No. 4 in technology shows in the world and earned the featured status twice. The technopreneur says the fuel igniting the popularity of her show is her ability to break down "geek-speak" into a language that the average consumer can understand, while showcasing some of the most notable movers-and-shakers in the fields of science and technology.

"Technology affects all of us, no matter our age, the location where we live or whether we own an Apple or PC," said Linendoll. "There is amazing technology all around us that can benefit everyone whether it's in a nursery, hospital or gym. Exposing people to these technologies can have a major impact on a person's quality of life and help him or her feel more connected to everything the world has to offer." 

Linendoll has interviewed some of the most intriguing professionals in the world of science, technology, entertainment and business including the UK's top mathematician, Marcus du Sautoy; Oculus head of content, Jason Rubin; Today anchor for NBC Television Network, Matt Lauer; musician and documentary filmmaker, Dave Navarro; and CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra; but her dialog with them is not what you would typically expect for a tech show.

"I want my audience to learn something every day so I'm really driven to ask challenging or surprising questions to show a different side of the story," said Linendoll. "Many of my 'non-tech' guests have asked me why I want to interview them since they know very little about technology; but I tell them that's the point. I'm interviewing them because, at the end of the day, they are just like everyone else when it comes to understanding tech, yet they, too, are using the power of technology to propel their careers, advance their cause, or improve our lives."

Beyond the podcast, Linendoll often is a regular on the airwaves of shows like "Today," "The View," "FOX & Friends," and "HLN Weekend Express," with the latest tech roundup reviews of gadgets that she has personally tested in her Manhattan apartment that looks more like "The Jetsons" staging room. Companies across the globe routinely send their latest tech devices to Linendoll to test in the hope of making it in one of her gadget or tech reviews.

"If my mom, niece or nephew can't make a new gadget work, then it usually doesn't make the cut," said Linendoll. "It has to be easy but at the same time it has to be useful. I love innovation that is accessible to anyone and can also dramatically improve a person's fast-paced life for the better." 

And for the better, Linendoll means real change with causes that are making a difference. The technopreneur devotes a large percent of her time to charitable causes, pro bono, and works with companies to develop technology and awareness campaigns that produce more than a bottom-line impact, but what she calls a higher-calling impact. The Batcole Foundation (www.batcole.foundation) is one of those higher-calling impacts she's making for a family who prematurely lost their son, Cole, to neuroblastoma cancer in 2015, by helping them raise funds for pediatric cancer research. Linendoll says they shared a special bond; Cole told her she was R2-D2 and he was C-3PO. He lived six years after being diagnosed with the disease, thanks to clinical trials that Linendoll continues to help the organization to raise funds for.

"Shining a spotlight on underfunded causes such as Batcole Foundation is a top priority for me," said Linendoll. "The impact with tech can be far-reaching, no matter how much or how little you understand it. I feel a responsibility to help guide that conversation so we can all be a part of it and leverage it for good in the world."

Subscribe to "Katie < dot > Show" at www.katie.show and follow on Twitter at @KatieLinendoll.

Katie Linendoll is a two-time Emmy Award-winning TV personality, writer, tech expert and global tech consultant. Known for her first-look technology stories and gadget roundups, Linendoll is one of the most in-demand tech personalities in the country. Linendoll is the former host of "All Access Weekly" on Spike TV and A&E's "We Mean Business." She has also written for ESPN the Magazine, ESPN.com, PopSugar Tech, Shape Magazine, Today.com, CBS.com, Huffington Post, Popular Science and other national publications. As a techie since childhood she earned her networking certificates before graduating high school. Linendoll then went on to earn her Bachelor's of Science degree in information technology new media from Rochester Institute of Technology before launching her professional career with ESPN. At age 22, she won her first Emmy Award for her work on "SportsCenter."

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