Adaptive Learning Platform Helps Companies Improve Employee Engagement in Corporate Learning

Smart Sparrow Unveils Corporate Learning Offering in Response to Demand for Training and Development That Engages Employees and Supports Evolving Corporate Strategy

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 20, 2016) - Learning design company Smart Sparrow announced, today, the expansion of its award-winning adaptive learning platform and design studio to help companies better engage employees in meaningful and relevant learning experiences that advance corporate strategy.

Over $350 billion is spent globally on learning and training. Yet, research from the Corporate Executive Board finds that 45 percent of corporate learning is "scrap learning" -- learning that is not applied back on the job. Research finds that ineffective delivery, low learner motivation, and poor content quality all contribute to scrap learning.

To create more effective learning experiences, Smart Sparrow helps companies build online courses and digital content that blend immersive real-world simulations with adaptive technology. Using the platform, corporate leaders are able to deliver cost-effective, personalized learning at scale, across job functions and regions.

"For years, corporate training content and technology has left much to be desired -- content is rarely contextualized or personalized, and the technology has failed to engage learners," said Dror Ben-Naim, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Smart Sparrow. "At Smart Sparrow, our team of engineers and learning designers are working with companies to develop dynamic courses that motivate employees and make them more effective and efficient in their roles."

Using the platform, corporate learning specialists can easily adjust course content to align training with evolving corporate strategy, and measure the effectiveness of their programs with real-time learner analytics. The insights generated by the platform can inform employee progress, and bring greater transparency to the kinds of learning that drives business results.

While a company's corporate learning team can use the platform to design their own content, companies can also work with the Smart Sparrow Design Studio -- a team of learning designers and engineers -- to create rich digital content, informed by cutting-edge learning science and tailored to corporate objectives.

"The delivery and execution of corporate learning needs to be re-designed," said Siva Navaratnam, Institutional Head of Operational Risk Assurance at the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, which worked with Smart Sparrow to redesign their learning programs. "Smart Sparrow is helping us create meaningful learning experiences tailored to the individual employee, with content that is aligned with our business objectives. Historically, we've been boxed in by static content, with little ability to make our own changes, but this advancement in technology allows us to adapt content as quickly as our needs change. This is an exciting innovation in corporate learning."

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