TORRANCE, CA--(Marketwired - July 20, 2016) - Over 30 years of strong separation science focus at Phenomenex -- combined with innovative manufacturing, packing and sorbent technologies -- has now led to the development of a novel LC media specifically designed for the separation of amphetamine and substituted amphetamine enantiomers, like methamphetamine.

While other chiral columns are limited to use in only acidic/neutral mobile phases, the Lux AMP chiral stationary phase was designed to withstand the rigors of chiral reversed phase methods from pH 1-11.5. This lets chemists take advantage of highly basic conditions that allow de-ionized forms of basic analytes to fully interact with the multiple retention mechanisms (such as hydrogen bonding) found within the Lux AMP column. Additionally, the 3 micron particle size provides excellent column efficiency, improved resolving power and increased sensitivity for use with rapid methods on both HPLC and UHPLC instrumentation.

Another excellent benefit of Lux 3 micron AMP is that each batch is LC/MS tested for the chiral separation of amphetamine and methamphetamine enantiomers. Each column is also individually performance-tested to confirm dependability and reproducibility.

Learn more about Lux AMP chiral columns here.

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